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The Pope, the Cardinals, the Bishops have all been complicit in harboring and hiding child rapists; the Catholic Church, their followers and contributors are all complicit. The fact that this cult of rapists is still operating and is tax exempt is a sin; they are monsters and should be run out of town with torches and pitchforks.
I'd settle for a RICO indictment. Apparently, this payoff had to be approved by the Vatican, so the Pope is probably in on the cover up too.
The fun thing about the RICO laws is all of their possessions can be taken; wouldn't the Holy See make a swell theme park?
I want to ride the roller coaster named Transubstantiation!
The Rapture could be the infinite Bungee leap!
They could turn the Sistine Chapel into an IMAX!
Oh, man; I think you've gone too far now +Scott Supak Maybe it's just that I don't watch movies but the world should protect that ceiling!

The Vatican's secret ninja army could do some hourly 'rage in the cage' type fights though.