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Scott Strool
Seeking a meaningful and joyful life
Seeking a meaningful and joyful life

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Anybody try the SoundPeats Q29 true wireless earbuds? I am having a problem pairing to my S7. The right bud pairs fine, but the left will not connect to the right one. Support is noon US and if little help.

Does your screen stay off while on a call?

I am hoping for a feature to schedule a watch face change by schedule, like Do not disturb. Do you think an app to do this is possible?

Is it possible to set up a face change upon a schedule? 

What is your average battery percentage used for watchfaces? I used a custom face and it used 40% in 14 hours leaving me with 14% battery.

Ever since upgrading my S7 Edge to Android 7, two apps fail to register that an updated app was installed, Watchmaker and WatchMaster companion apps, still show thtey need to be updated after I successfully upgrade.

What gives?

Can anyone recommend a face with a very clean aod that shows simple marks and hands?

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Which format for digital faces do you prefer?
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What could be the reason spay gets declined at Starbucks?

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yep, too funny
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