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Happy Holidays Everyone :)

Just returned from taking a little time off to enjoy time with family. Just in time to catch snow on the ground and also to announce that in my spare time I decided to replace my own website.

Since 2004 I pretty much have not made too many changes. But, now after a few days of editing the site is ready for launch.

Reducing the 100's of pages to now about 3 says a lot about any website that there must have been a drastic change of events to make the decision to delete and redirect all old pages to home.. yes, indeed.

Simplify and reduce confusion. Removed all ad's, affiliations and basically focusing on what I do best which is offering Free Consultations and Affordable Website Designs.

More than happy to assist if you have a new project or replacing an old one. Lost your webmaster, domain issues .. let me know what's going on and I'll do my best to make things the way you need them to be.


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Article 8
Topic: Being Good - Starts Young!
By: Scott Lawrence
November 20, 2017

Growing up I was typical 7 year old imaginary child. Attended summer camps, totally loved those trips that included fishing, camping and making new friends. One of the best things that my parents did for me is enroll me in the Cub Scouts of America.

I consider myself one of the last nice guys but today, watching some youtube videos I learned that there are some famous people who also were members of the club.

Steve Harvey (pack 223)
Guest on the show, 10 year old Colten (224) who invented a device to help parents pickup lego building blocks off the floor.

Steven Spielberg - Eagle Scout
Michael Jordan - Cub Scout
Jimmy Buffett - Life Scout
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Boy Scout
George Straight - Cub Scout
John F. Kennedy - Cub Scout

Cub Scout Motto:
Be Prepared.

Scout Oath:
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times.

Scout Slogan:
Do a Good Turn Daily

Outdoor Code:
As an American I will do my best to:

Be clean in my outdoor manners,
I will treat the outdoors as a heritage. I will take care of it for myself and others. I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways.

Be careful with fire,
I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fires only where they are appropriate. When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold-out. I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire.

Be considerate in the outdoors,
I will treat public and private property with respect. I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping.

Be conservation-minded.
I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forests, minerals, grasslands, wildlife, and energy. I will urge others to do the same.

To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

How about you, what did you do as a young child that impacted your life till this very day?

Long Live Troop 83 :)

What does this have to do with selecting a web designer, my hopes you'll feel more comfortable choosing my services for your project(s) as I take great pride in my abilities to help people save money and still have a great website!
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Article 7
Topic: Websites and KPI?
By: Scott Lawrence
November 18, 2017

Yes, there's a KPI for everything in life.. for real!

When KPI was 1st introduced to me I rejected it, not cause I'm an old dog who does not like learning new tricks. Just to me, if your going to teach me about something new please take the time and do it correctly. It was new to the project we were all working on years ago. Someone with hair-brain idea thought best to put KPI in front of the horse as in .. not the correct starting point.

Key Performance Indicators or KPI
Websites are full of KPI.. how many visitors, time on website, signup/member conversion, time spent on website, leads, messages, comments and of course for many .. SALES!

Websites can indeed surpass in store sales.. I heard the 1st showing of Darci Lynne in Las Vegas sold out within 6 minutes. Now, that is KPI to the max! Not sure if this will be beat out for a while. We're talking about the ticket sales websites combined, imagine the extra sales within airlines, hotels, casinos .. all taking part in the overall KPI of her performances.

Learn KPI - Video
No need for me to explain the basics.. here is a detailed video.

Congrats to you Darci Lynne on the AGT win and your own show at 13 years old. Wow, let's see.. 13 hmm, yep.. I was working on the family farm. How about you?
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Love listening to stories like this, great to work or relax too. Now, take it to the next level. It's my long time friend, over 10 years later he's written a book and now podcast in Spanish as well as English.

Congrats to you my friend - Abel A. Kay

Spanish Version

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Article 6
Topic: Website Score
By: Scott Lawrence
November 17, 2017

Test and Decide - What's best for you and your visitors.

This really is not an option to ignore your test results for just about any website that actually has a chance of being taken serious by .. bots and humans, but mostly the bots.

Too many times design is the #1 thing on the mind of the owner or who's paying for the project, budget etc.. or some cases we're popular million dollar in sales we do not need SEO? Then there's the other side, pure SEO and 100% perfect but now the website is not what the CEO or investor, project owner wants. Most of the time it's due to specific codes, plugins required for the website that control the overall cost and what is shown for final results.

My goodness.. think about it this way.

You buy a new sports car, great stereo installed, custom everything the way you want it. Say, $30,000 USD in most cases, soon as you drive off the lot you loose $$ and in a few months, you'll be back to change the oil, filters and do a computer check as well as an inspection of the car itself.

Windshield for cracks, headlights working, tail lights, tires, air pressure, muffler etc.. Of course the registration, insurance and your actual drivers license.

Newbies to websites.. mostly, want the sports car on a gym membership budget and once live.. phone ringing, busy and making money. I say that as I was that way at 1st :)

No offence.. but, it really is about how much you put into the website project is what you'll expect. Put a little, not more than a package of new business cards sitting in your briefcase waiting for the next B2B luncheon where you gave everyone a card already in hopes of meeting some new client. Worse odd's than roulette's at any number.

Website not doing what you expect? Need?
Could be anything, even visual 1st impression but mostly.. the following impacts the overall score of the bots that decide your rank based on how well your website is developed as well as the content itself. Plus more, there is no official list only guidelines and recommendations .. limitations provided as rule of thumb.

Let's test some typical things out.. comment your results, let's talk about.

Website Speed
Loading Time
New Content or Same
Mobile Result
File Sizes
Domain Created / Expire Date (yep)
-- Register for 1 year is common
-- Serious business, 10 years is best score - shows commitment.
Etc.. Etc..

See for yourself, check out your website or others it's good to spend the time to see the results.

-- Yeah, I know .. 2 maybe more post in 1 day :)
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Article 5
Topic: Website Traffic
By: Scott Lawrence
November 17, 2017

How Can I Get People to Come to My Website?

You buy a great website template, and you quickly build a great site. You have a clear value proposition that explains what your site is all about, and you have posted pages and articles written persuasively for both humans and search engines. Your site only needs one thing more: Traffic. How can you get people to come to your website? Here are seven solid ideas:

1. Paid Advertising.

You have probably noticed banner ads at the top of websites. Click on the banner, and you're taken to a website. This approach certainly works for building up traffic to your site, but it's not cheap. The cost of acquiring a site visitor can be $2, $5 or even more, and there are no guarantees that visitor will stay for even a few seconds once on your site.

2. Social Media Marketing.

In this method, you build interest on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+ about topics on your website by getting people to post about them (preferably with links to your site). This is also an effective method of getting traffic to your site, but you invite negative as well as positive evaluations of your product.

3. Video Marketing.

YouTube makes it possible for anyone to have a video presence anywhere in the world. You can build up interest in yourself, your product, your services, your brand by making a few YouTube videos. Just be sure that you use YouTube to bring visitors to your site, not as a platform competing with your site.

It's also possible to do live video from Google Hangout. This tool gets you traffic from Google +, YouTube, and online search as well as any regulars you pick up for your show.

4. Online "Newspaper."

You can make your site more "discoverable" by publishing a weekly or monthly paper with

5. Email.

Email lists are a priceless tool for business promotion, but they only work if you use your email list to offer something of clear value to the recipient. A weekly or monthly "special" you announce by email is the best way to make money from your email list. How do you get an email list? First of all, what you don't do is to buy a list of emails and flood them with spam. Let people sign up for specials from your site in exchange for their email address, and then use their email addresses only when you have something important to say.

6. Search Engine Marketing.

Google Adwords can bring traffic to your site--or just be a waste of money. Using Adwords and similar services is something of an advanced skill. Check out Gary Kind's free course on Udemy BEFORE you spent money on Adwords or any other service.

7. Search Engine Optimization.

Throughout this site we are constantly reminding you of what you need to do to make sure the search engines recognize your site to bring you traffic for FREE. Search engine optimization is potentially the largest and most robust source of visitors to your site. The one cardinal rule? Never duplicate content, even the little things like the words and phrases you use in titles and headers and tags, and certainly not whole pages. Be yourself, and you will be found.
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Tribute to my mom.. Shirley Carter Lawrence, love and miss you mom!

She invested into me before I was even born, it was not clear to me then but my 1st visit to the island was ever lasting impression that continues to call my name.

Some of the highlights..

Mostly about the view or swimming pools! I was only seven years old on my 1st trip to the island. First night, wow.. on stage singing Blue Eyes to the crowd. I was totally hooked. When not singing, I was passing out drinks to the small crowd of people in the piano bar. One of the best reasons I turned out to be what I am today. A nice guy, that never finished last - lol.

Mom always wanted to make it there in time for the lunch special for the taco shells, nachos from this home cooking place. Famous for many reasons, many tourist visits and some famous people too.. but, nope.. those chips were #1 and if it was not fresh, or they ran out? It was like all the air from the balloon of all meaning of the entire reason for going to beach was gone .. really miss those times.

Beach and Bay Fronts
What's it all about?

Off The Grid!
Yep, even if for the day.. weekend or weeks as you can rent space or get a sticker that allows you to actually live on the beach. You should have sand ready vehicle etc.. etc.

Yes, there are little ones but at times there are big ones. Mostly, they are not interested in you only the smell of blood.. so, no cuts allowed swimming in ocean ;)

Jets and Helicopters
Yes, they are scanning the waters for large sharks, floating boats adrift, sos anything and even swimmers taken out by the tide. F-16 looking jet goes by during the day a couple of times as they are flying the coastlines of Texas etc.. coast guard is watching out for everyone that they can.

Spring Break!
OMG - it's crazy, most 95 or more % is rented our outta sight prices for the busy season so best to reserve soon as you know you're going to be there during the summers. Fun times, crowded but alive with activity that in some cases never seems to end.

All You Can Eat?
Oh yes.. Seafood and more information coming up.

This is just a taste of what OnSPI will be about, at moment it's just a template but soon.. our little duck will make a splash ;)

My 2 little dogs, playing with a balloon under the covers.
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Article 4
Topic: Resume
By: Scott Lawrence
November 16, 2017

Resume = Interview / HR * 4 = 50% Not Being Hired.

HR 4 = 1 (Resume Sent)
Lie on a resume, be fired at any moment is a huge risk to all involved.

Is it just me or for those of you who conduct interviews I've found it's all about "me" when I'm listening to the applicant. But, isn't that what the resume is supposed to do? In my personal view and experience resume's are so overrated. As in, is this real or modified? There are many types of applicants that come in through those online channels, not to mention those that walk into your physical office.

HR *4 = 2 (Initial Response)
Command it, via phone, video conference or in person.

You're on the shelf, like a shopper looking for loaf of bread. Visual inspection, smell, touch and in some cases squeeze. Lucky for me, I normally have HR scout, pre-interview, pre-test and overall decide before I even met the person. Careful with HR procedures, they tend to hang on to flocks of the same feather as in I like you personally, you're people person.

HR *4 = 3 (Timing and Commitment)

So either you've been ignored, spam'd or you have a reply of sorry then it's the end of that application.

Oh, you got the let's move forward response!

HR says..
Let's see if I can get you an interview real quick while your here or.. whatever the case. Idea is your on "their calendar" and you will need to adjust as needed to meet the deadline, time frames if not best to counter schedule now and not commit to a time/day you can not make. Other applicants are denied for some soft reason or just not "chemistry" like meeting someone from online dating for coffee. Nope! Sad, but not sure if true.. just the same ya know? So - you, need to make this count if you're serious about taking this new venture on.

You're on the shelf, like a shopper looking for loaf of bread. Visual inspection, smell, touch and in some cases squeeze (handshake) is normal.

HR quickly contacts the director of the hiring department "Hey, you have time to interview this applicant, here's the resume and applicant waiting in the interview office"

Thinking.. 1 week and finally send me an applicant.
More thinking.. wow they really screen them good. On the way to the office, I'm scanning at best the resume or it's sitting on the desk with the applicant waiting for me to read it.

This is a red flag situation or time wasting trap, do not do these types of interviews if at all possible as your not prepared. I've fired or did not hire anyone of these situations that I can recall, if so .. please forgive me but maybe a couple of times as we needed to fill the chairs in class.

HR *4 = 3 (In Person Interview)
Stop being nervous, if you want these people to take you seriously you'll need to be that loaf of bread and not cry about things (inside).. everyone is nervous, HR and even the Director or Manager as it's a decision that is of serious nature. Not everyone handles it very good. Even with years of practice humans will be humans.

Need to fart - nope, hold it in if you must.. ask for toilet - apologize for the urgent call to mother nature. Be honest, if they ask are you ok - yes, just bad egg it seems from today's breakfast, lunch etc.. do not blame it on your nerves (do not lie) and no.. again, do not fart as that would not be best 1st impression - especially if silent and deadly type ya know??

Look into the eyes of the people in front of you, beside you if more than one as sometimes HR is training or a QA is in the process checking for assurance and in some cases they video tape it. Even secretively for internal training. A good HR is always training. So, use that to your advantage, do not be like everyone else. Making eye contact is a sign of strong character - just not over do it!

Do not flirt, or even hint you want to go out on a date with anyone within the process. Your being monitored the entire way you go into the building, front desk, interview room, someone ask you for coffee, HR them selves and then the one making the hiring. It's a big show, lots going on around the one applicant.

Landed the job?
Congrats - now, keep it. Do not take it for granted and really make it #1 in your business life as it's actually YOUR business. You're the one being paid for what you do. So, promote yourself with self respect, respect others and the business.

Best Practice?
Remain honest, true and keep your body clean and smelling good. You never know who you just might run into over at the water fountain.

In Business?
Yeah, you are if you've been hired and getting paid. We're all basically self employed .. it's not like someone's going to give you free everything in life. If so, you would not be reading this.

What kind of business?
How much time is spent working new job/career and what free time remains? Do you have a hobby, something you enjoy doing that might can be sold? Say, online store of your own or just a photo blog?

Let's talk about it.

PS - Love this part of my resume... Vol part of it at the bottom.
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Article 3
Topic: Google Analytics
By: Scott Lawrence
November 15, 2017

Google Analytics: Do You Really Need It?

Google Analytics is a great tool for every WordPress site owner, but the sheer volume of data it returns can be overwhelming. But since it's free, and easy to add to your website, it's worth adding Google Analytics so you can answer certain basic questions.

What kind of people visit your site?

The Audience menu will give you information about the demographics, interests, geography, behavior, and technology of your site visitors, as well as which devices they use to visit your site. You will find out whether your visitors are men or women, younger or more mature, in your country or elsewhere in the world, You will learn about their behavior, whether they are new or returning to your site. You will learn which browsers and which devices they use to reach your site, from which you can make sure that your pages display well for the greatest number of your visitors. You can also find out how fast your pages load for visitors coming on different devices.

How are people finding your site?

The Acquisitions menu lists All Traffic and All Acquisitions. All Traffic lists the ways that visitors find your site, from directly typing in your site's name into their browsers to clicks on paid ads. All Acquisitions tracks visitors who click on a link from another site to reach your site. It excludes people who use bookmarks or type in the site name directly.

How do you get more traffic?

The Social Overview section will tell you which social media send the most people to your site. If you are spending a lot of time on Facebook and you are actually getting visitors from Pinterest, then you may want to change your social media priorities.

Which posts do your visitors like?

The All Pages menu will tell you how people visit each page, and how much time they spend there. Most sites have a few pages that account for most of their traffic. These may be the pages you need to promote so you get even more.

What's happening on your site right now?

Real time tells you what is happening on your site right now, who is visiting it, where they came from, who is sending visitors to your site. Here is where you learn your pages are about to go viral, and why.

Create your Google Analytics account.
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Article 2
Topic: SEO
By: Scott Lawrence
November 14, 2017

Internet gurus make a very big deal about SEO, also known as search engine optimization. Entire companies are built around providing SEO to online businesses. SEO is your ticket to "organic traffic," people who come to your site without your having to advertise, that is, without your having to pay money to attract, assuming you aren't paying money (sometimes lots of money) for SEO.

Does every single page on your sit have to be "SEO'd"? The answer is yes and no.

There are some rules you simply have to follow on every single page. You have to avoid repetition. Don't use the same titles on different pages. Don't use the same wording in headers and sub-headers on different pages. Don't use the same tags or categories on different pages (and don't use them at all without a good reason, usually so your site visitor can rapidly find an archived page he or she wants). If you find you have published a page with duplicate content, remove it and start over. Google hates repetition.

See this related report about Plagiarism regarding this post. It's validation that the material on this post today is 100% unique and time stamped. The one with the oldest stamp normally - wins!

Check Your Writing Skills

*See image below for our report of today's article.

There are other rules you don't have to use on every page. One of the most important of these is page length. Generally speaking, for Google and Bing to compute a high ranking for a page, it needs to have substantial content. "Substantial" is 1500 to 2500 words. The search algorithms are set up so that longer pages are ranked as more authoritative and show up higher in search.

However, page length is just one factor in the value of a page. Generally speaking, when what your site visitor really needs and wants is exactly what he or she needs to know displayed at a single glance, that's what your page should reflect. That's why we use shorter pages on this site. We expect you to do something with the information on each page. We keep the call to action clear and concise. Bing and Google may not like this, but we hope you do.

Your site should always be written for people, not for search engines. Make your site user-friendly, and over the long run, the search engines will notice.
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