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Scott Scowcroft
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.

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Free Online Audio Editor

+Tom Mullaney reviews SoundTrap for Podcasting.

Easier to use than Audacity, SoundTrap lets you edit the audio online, including fade in/out. The free account gives you up to 5 shows in the pipeline at any given time. As a cloud based audio editor, you can access it from any computer, and never fear loosing your data due to equipment problems.

SoundTrap is primarily meant for recording/editing music, but Tom's review is focused on podcasting.

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Now, how cool is this!

(no affiliation, just like the 33 Company)

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Pros & Cons of using a VPN

Online privacy an issue? Here's an option ...

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Amazon Merch: _Upload your T-shirt design to your Amazon Merch account, and receive five or six dollars commission for each sale."

Her's a very well done "how to" online course for Amazon Merch, and if I understand the promotion correctly, this link will give you this course and a two months Premium Skillshare subscription, both free.

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Taking the concept of a snowmobile to the next logical level

Now how cool is that!

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1.a flock of geese.
2.informal: a disorderly or noisy group of people.

"the gaggle of reporters and photographers that dogged his every step"


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Thinking within or outside the box, we create our own reality. In this 2013 post, +David Amerland anticipates the increasing polarization of today's politics, and provides us with a checklist of steps to ... think out of the box.
Transformative Moments

Do you have the two requirements in your thinking that would allow your mind to transform? Find out! 

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50 Years Later, Producer Remixes 'Sgt. Pepper' To 'Bring It Into The Modern World

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Hoarding the American Dream

Great interview from NPR.

Memorable quote:

The tax incentives that are available to buy houses in the U.S. are necessarily tilted. ... Something like $70 billion go on mortgage interest deductions and the deductions for local property taxes.

[I]t means that we're not increasing housing ownership in terms of the breadth; we're increasing it in terms of depth. We're actually encouraging people who already have a lot of wealth to just double down on that by buying an even bigger house [and then selling it for even more money later] — and you'll get an even bigger tax incentive for doing so.

And so the entire cycle is almost designed to seal off the upper-middle class from everybody else."

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Slow TV (9 hours)

(free on Amazon Prime)
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