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*The Evolution of Google+ and Communities with +martin shervington 
Google+ continues to evolve.
Regardless of what Google itself is doing with the platform, users continue to bend and stretch it to suit their needs.

As +Mark Traphagen stated on a comment thread recently:
“Google created the space. We hacked it.”

And no one has hacked Google+ more that our special guest +martin shervington 

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to have Martin on the #RayBunch   show. 
Martin and I go back to the early days of Google+.
At that time - summer of 2011-  he was a one person welcoming committee.
He invited me into my first hangout - and look at the rouble that’s got me into. :-)

A couple show ago, we discussed Communities and Tribes with +Mark Timberlake 
Martin has formed tribes inside his Communities.
There are a core number of people that support him and do the work to help him reach the goals they agree on.

One of those goals is evolution of the PYB Community into the PYB Academy.

We’ll be talking to Martin about the changes in his Community (and G+ Communities as a whole) and the place Google+ now occupies in the social marketing palette.

Nothing changes without disruption.

Tune in and find out how Martin, "The Disruptor” is changing Google+ and his own Business model.

Join the #RayBunch  on Tuesday, May 5th at 12:15pm

On Mobile?  Watch on YouTube here:

The #RayBunch  are:

+Scott Scowcroft - The ScottTreatment:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+B.L. Ochman - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist: -  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz - Social Strategist & Google+ Specialist - Power Your Business With People: Visit: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

Here are some of our recent shows:

- The Medium not the Message with Mark Traphagen:

- How to Build Online Communities & Tribes:

- What's Our Line? RayBunch 75th Show:

- How to Create Compelling Images for Your Content w/+Dustin W. Stout

- Is Social Media a Mobocracy?

View other past Lunch Bunch shows on my YouTube Playlist: -

Subscribe here for my weekly Newsletter:

Do you want to be in my #RayBunch  show invitation circle?
Reply "yes" or "Maybe" below or leave a comment.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ray Hiltz. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Evolution of Google+ and Communities
Tue, May 5, 12:15 PM
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good night friend
How are you
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Scott Scowcroft

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Way cool tip from +Michael Daniels ... share a file from your Google Drive within the internal Hangout Chat function.
Share a file from the hangout Group Chat

Did a video awhile ago, but thought it was worth resharing.
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Thank you for the share +Scott Scowcroft 
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Scott Scowcroft

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The Ray Bunch marks show 75 with its own rendition of “What’s My Line” and life-changing book recommendations. Must-watch! (pin for later:

+Ray Hiltz +Scott Scowcroft +Randy Bowden

#RayBunch   #Show75   #WhatsMyLine
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Scott Scowcroft

General Discussion  - 
Udemy and Continuing Ed Units?
In the US, professionals such as doctors/nurses, lawyers, engineers and others are required to participate in accredited educational programs called Continuing Education or CE from time to time to maintain their professional certifications.  

I'm wondering if any OVEE members have experience with developing these courses, and in particular CE courses hosted on the Udemy platform?
tracy goodwin's profile photoMark Timberlake's profile photoPaula Guilfoyle's profile photoScott Scowcroft's profile photo
Thank you +Paula Guilfoyle for your kind offer.

For the most part I don't offer my own courses, but historically I've helped scores if not hundreds of citizen producers record and edit their own  video programming.

My goal now is to add the production of online video courses to the services offered by "The SCOTT Treatment," and yes I do have potential CPE/cpd or CE clients for this service. 
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Scott Scowcroft

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Has the Medium Usurped the Message
This is obviously a twist on the famous Marshall McLuhan quote: The medium is the message."

+Mark Traphagen, master of communication and online marketing joined the #RayBunch  today for an insightful conversation.
Here's a times tamped summary of highlights.
(Think of this as a tasting menu. Watch the 31 minute video for the full meal. ;-)

02:37 -  *How has social media changed the way and how we communicate?*
Two big impacts of social media - immediacy and democracy
Is it affecting reasoned reflection?
Tremendous impact on Brands because everybody now has been given a mouthpiece.

05:19 -   +Randy Bowden: Is Twitter the leading platform for social media fails? 

06:02 -  +Mark Traphagen responds to Randy's point about Twitter.
Twitter is best example of how the medium affects the message.
It's a constricted medium. The 140 characters means that what you gain in terms of immediacy you lose in context in particular with things like humour, irony, sarcasm.

07:27 -  +B.L. Ochman Seen on Twitter: "I really  miss my pre-internet brain."

07:45 -  +Mark Traphagen recommends following +martin shervington and +David Amerland for discussions about the plasticity  of the brain and how our environment affects us.

08:40 -  +Ray Hiltz asks: As consultants, do we bring our own platform biases to our work with clients?

09:20 -  +Mark Traphagen - Confirmation Bias Increasingly sees it as demonstrated by the response to the +Forbes "Google+ is Dead article."

The response, especially from Google+ fans who say they disagree because they have a wonderful experience on G+ is a demonstration of confirmation bias. They look at their experience and project it on others.
With business, that's dangerous if we assume our experience with a platform will be the same as our customers. 

Be objective.

10:47 - +Randy Bowden _Do you see where a company may decide there's just too many negative things that could happen if it lets  employees play around on social media platforms?_

Mark: -  Many companies restrict their employee's social media involvement. But there are others who are encouraging it. It works when there is already a great company culture.

There's risk with anything you do in business.

15:54 - +Jessica Dewell Consistent, transparent internal communication is essential in setting up a"social" business culture.

17:18 - Ray: -  *How would you describe Google+ to a client?*

Mark: -  That's changed over time. Evangelism is tempered. Don't put it out there as "this is the first thing you should do as a business - other than definitely set up a Google+ Page - especially if you're a local business. 

Where it works is if you're willing to invest the time to bring in your audience to circle your Page which allows you to influence them through personalized search.

19:43 - +Scott Scowcroft : There's gold in them thar hills - you have to be willing mine it."

Google plus is an advanced level of strategy of social media.

22:40 - Ray: -  What with the anti Google+ articles?

Mark: -  Could be as simple as "laziness". It's an easy story to publish and get links. Because it's Google the expectations were high and because it never was the Facebook slayer, it failed.

Last question: How many tweet on the toilet?

Watch the show for our weekly LunchBunch takeouts.

How do you pitch Google+ to your clients and/or employees?

#socialmedia   #communication   #MarshallMcLuhan  
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+Scott Scowcroft Thanks, Scott.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Lots of good YouTube Marketing Advise

+Roland Takaoka hosts and moderate this tip packed HOA on how to transform your YouTube channel from obscurity to potential prominence. If this is of interest to you, well worth the watch.
We move the discussion to YouTube!
Last week +Jimbo Marshall  joined us, and offered a valuable collection of great advice, tips, and industry essentials for making videos and developing skills that contribute to effective storytelling and messaging using this visual media.

This week we advance forward applying all that wisdom into practical applications for developing and processing YouTube campaigns. 

Why YouTube?

How hard is it? Can I manage it myself?

What are the most important things to remember?

What's a YouTube Card?

Do Hangouts On Air help my SEO?

We will answer these questions and more this Saturday on "Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties!"

Molly will spearhead the presentation giving us critical basics regarding YouTube, with the rest of us contributing our knowledge and experience as well. Some details about Molly....

+Molly Youngblood Geiger  - Marketing On Line Leveraging YouTube Community
( )
Her company, Design Right 4 U hails from Jacksonville, Florida.
Molly is a Google Community Ambassador, Google Business Advisor, Google Helpout Provider, and Google Partners Community Rising Star.

Along with Molly will be....

+Karen V Chin  - San Francisco Marketing Consultant – Social Media Engagement Specialist, a Knitter, a Gardener, and Sewist. Among her many skills and strengths are her abilities to "ramp up and amp up" Social Media Engagement.
(#14DaysofMusicChallenge Community


+Terry Leigh Britton  -      Terry Leigh Britton hails from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and enjoys giving to the Google Plus community in many ways. He brings laughter throughout his comments and participation in the PlusWord game shows 
produces many how-to videos on his YouTube  channel  and works with the community to help them learn how to democratize education on the Internet. Terry also is producing a new series called, Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show

... and yours truly, Roland of R and D Hotline, your host.

If you're not already using YouTube in your marketing, maybe once and for all, you will start NOW!

#videomarketing   #youtubemarketing   #socialmediamarketing  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Roland Takaoka. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#SMMSmarties - Practical and Dynamic Video Marketing - Part 2
Sat, April 25, 2:00 PM
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Specifically, the "VidIQ Vision for YouTube" extension is the one to get for doing tag research.
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Scott Scowcroft

Your Blog Posts / Video Blogs - share your blogs and vlogs  - 
Building Community
A few weeks ago +Mark Traphagen was a guest on "The Lunch Bunch" Hangout on Air (HOA).  Here's a nine minute The SCOTT Treatment highlights video from the show. 

For a description of the complete show including quotes and timestamps, visit

Thought you'd be interested.
John Chang's profile photoScott Scowcroft's profile photoPhilomena Timberlake's profile photo
Great to see The Scott Treatment on that episode +Scott Scowcroft!   Good points included and I liked your use of transitions as well :)  Thanks +John Chang I will check out that link as well :) 
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Scott Scowcroft

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As always, +Mick Sharpe provides a #MustSee  roundup from the week's HOA ... with special thanks to Mick this week for his shout outs to both the   #JSY  and #RayBunch  shows.
Oh, What a May Day!

May! What? How did that happen? Apart from things flying by at an alarming rate it’s a cracking content week as usual on the Plus.

It was Name the Snake day on this week’s +The Mia Connect Power Chat ( Yes, really! You know it’s never an ordinary show with +Mia Voss. This Animal Happy Hour show featured +Yvonne DiVita and +Tom Collins of +BlogPaws, Robert Semrow of +PetWorldInsider, co-presenter at the BlogPaws 2015 event +Denise Wakeman, #HillsOfAfrica’s +Sandy Salle and Executive Director of the Center for Snake Conservation, +Cameron Young. Now I’ve had snakes before so knew what was likely to happen - and it did at around 33 minutes! Animals and entertaining, informative conversation - what’s not to like?

And if you need a little more Mia, there’s more entertaining, wine-propelled conversation on the +Jess + Scott + You Show: Selfishness: Scott Point / Jess Counterpoint ( Mia joins +Jessica Dewell and +Scott Scowcroft for a conversation around selfishness, gender and age differences, education and empowerment that really draws you in. Smiling at many points throughout this including this advice from Jess for men, never get catty with a woman. We will outcat you every time! Ouch, been there and have the scars!

Jess and Scott are, of course, regulars on my #havetosee show, The Ray Lunch Bunch. In The Medium is Not the Message ( +Mark Traphagen joins +Ray Hiltz and the rest of the #RayBunch +B.L. Ochman and +Randy Bowden for a lively conversation about social media and business. Touching on the negatives of recent times, personal brand representatives and the issues of differing platforms this is, as ever, well worth the 35 minutes. Great takeouts from the panel - I’ve got to take the Are you addicted to Technology? quiz shared by B.L. I’m also glad I can still put my pre-Internet brain into gear when necessary. Enjoy it.

The withdrawal symptoms start to kick in if I go too long without an article from +Gina Fiedel. Well, I have my #GinaFix for this week in Target Your Ideal Customer While Harnessing Brand Identity On Your Website ( Gina highlights the delicate balancing act between form and function bringing in the #GinaTwist of the Minimalist Art movement (you know you’re going on a journey of discovery with Gina!). The message is clear, your website is your holy ground, the place that should truly express your uniqueness while speaking directly to needs of your ideal customer. The design should marry the two objectives, simply and beautifully. Do take the whole journey to the full article - as always it’s well worth it. The comments are also worth dipping into as well.

Don’t throw your mom under the bus on what is a pretty prominent platform. That’s the humour from +Joey Giangola that keeps me coming back to +Fearlessly Questioning. Fearlessly Questioning Not Caring ( has +Stephanie Sims in the #Fearless chair. Lots of amusing back and forth between the two as well as some thought-provoking discussion. I have to say I fall squarely in the don’t care camp (in the context of the show). I take very little personally, evaluate everything critically and course adjust as necessary. Cracking discussion and sorry Joey, I am that person that spots the typo on page 25 but, hopefully to my credit, I only disclose the same with discretion.

This post from +David Kutcher actually made me get off my virtual a$$ and share to my business page (not done that in a long while). Why? Because it’s exactly the kind of logic-driven approach to developing an online presence that should be the norm rather than the exception. In Focusing on Intent and taking it right to the bank ( David outlines the methodology when working with +Michlin Metals to re-tune their online presence. I won’t delay you any longer - get over there, read it, absorb it and apply the thinking to the next iteration of your web presence.

Thinkers corner

Two posts got me thinking about what we might expect from search in the future. The first from +Mike Elgan Who should decide search engine results? Users? Web site owners? Eurocrats? Google's competitors? ( looks at the current obsession with Google’s search results in the Old Guard of Europe. Mike does a good job explaining that the results are ultimately driven by the users and to have continued success Google has to continually improve relevance. Serving results based on any other criteria, Google or legislation imposed, will only serve to reduce that relevance defeating Google’s aims. Show some sense Europe and leave the searchers to decide.

Google’s desire to serve the most relevant results is the subject of +David Amerland’s The Mirror Bubble ( in which he asks two open questions: Is the need for search to establish immediate value a potential trap? and  _Are the results we are most likely to engage with not also the same as the ones we most want to see?_ I do worry that over time the results will be too much of what we want to see. I relish finding something that challenges my views. If that were to change and the only results being returned were those that aligned with Google’s perception of me would that really be useful? Perhaps that would be the time to elevate the oddball factor in the algorithm!

A late entry! Just spotted this from +Ammon Johns who reminds us that Social Networks ( are not an online only thing. #MrCommonSense also reminds us that it is all too easy to favour the warm and fuzzy online environment when there is ample opportunity to be the change in the sometimes not so warm and fuzzy offline environment. I certainly don’t get as involved in my real community as I used to. Do you?

And finally…

With any software product there are going to be those unforeseen glitches every now and again. +Nicholas Cardot shows us how to handle such a situation the right way in An Update, A Glitch, and the Support of the Community ( It has to be said that it’s how a business deals with the customer issues that can make or break the ongoing relationship. Nick did the right thing, kept his nerve and issued a fix in short order. Everyone understands that things can, and do, go wrong but more importantly they now know that Nick isn’t the kind of person to let anyone down. That kind of trust is priceless in an age where slapdash customer support is ever more prevalent.

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp   #WeekInReview   #Google +

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites   #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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Point/CounterPoint with Guest Host +Mia Voss ,
In less than an hour, Mia will join +Jessica Dewell and myself as we  air our final Point/Counterpoint of the season. But if you think you know what to expect, then think again.

Neither Jess nor I know what to expect, except that  we've asked Mia as she prepares to consider this season's theme, "Me First, The Supreme Unselfishness."

Looking forward to seeing you at a quarter past the hour ... or in #ReplyCity  .
+Mia Voss from +The Mia Connect joins us as host of this #JSY
show. Throughout the season we’ve had guests come to explore The Supreme Unselfishness: Putting yourself first … and now the tables are turned on +Jessica Dewell and +Scott Scowcroft.

Join us for a candid discussion about selfishness and putting yourself first.

YOU (the Y in JSY) matter! The conversation has started - over on Youtube! (The link is:

Bring a friend! Share this show out to 2 people you know that would be interested - invite them personally and let them know you’re thinking about them!

(We are a LATE show. Responding Yes or Maybe will set a reminder so you can catch the replay Wednesday!)

*Hashtag: #JSY * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show. Want to share, but don’t know what to say?:

Share and Tweet:
Selfishness  Point /@jess_dewell Counterpoint special host @TheMiaConnect 4-28-15 @ 715p PT #JSY >

Catch past JSY shows:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jess + Scott + You. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Selfishness: Scott Point / Jess Counterpoint
Tue, April 28, 10:15 PM
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Scott Scowcroft

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What’s the secret to “living your dream”? Personal cheerleaders? Focus? Awareness of aspirations? With the help of +Jess + Scott + You guest +Brett Hamilton, +Scott Scowcroft and I discover some surprising answers! (pin for later: #JSY

#LivingYourDream   #aspirations   #JSY
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Scott Scowcroft

Short Videos  - 
OK! Meskipun kagak ngerti artinya, dengerin aja lah. Nice song! #GFriend   #Korea   #Girlband  
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Video editing, especially transforming Google Hangouts on Air into near broadcast quality evergreen content.
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Reviving, Re-packaging and Re-purposing great content with an emphasis on video and HOAs.
The great Wayne Gretzky once said, “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

With that in mind, I took a year to listen & learn about social media. It took about nine months to feel as if I really “got it” (and another three to figure out my "niche”).

So, here is what I learned.

  • Secrets of social media for small business
  • Give it the best you’ve got and give it away freely.
  • As in real life, it takes time to build trusting relationships.
  • Also just as in real life, sincerity, honesty and an open heart help.
  • When the customer/client/patient is ready to buy/act/choose,
  • You’ will already be there, ready to sell/provide/serve.
  • Consider it the “Universal Principle of Reciprocity.”
In other words,  ”Skate to where the puck is going to be.

Bragging rights
Managed Seattle/King County's Public Access cable channel 29/72 for most of the 1980's and 1990's. What I didn't learn about "building community" then, I'm making up for now with Google Plus and Hangouts on Air.
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