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Who writes this guy's material? (Included for h y ist e orical completeness...)
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Scott Scowcroft

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DIY iPhone7 Headphone Jack
Who know it would be this simple? Easy peasy. 
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Scott Scowcroft

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Freelanship: A freelance jobs marketplace for Millennials and businesses without the crap

Last week I stumbled upon the soft launch of a new service which strips away the worst of the online project based freelance marketplace. What’s left is an eloquent jobs platform for businesses seeking pre-qualified freelancers to help with their media and marketing needs.

On the surface, Freelanship provide talented Millennials with opportunities for paid portfolio projects. Dig deeper and you’ll see what founder +Lauren Holliday (who has seen both sides of the equation) really wants to do is to help today’s young people gain valuable [paid] experience and for employers to find great talent to meet their marketing needs.

This is her answer to institutionalized unpaid internships which ultimately benefit neither students nor businesses. For Lauren, if the business and freelancer click and their relationship culminates in a full-time employment, or if the freelancer is able to raise rates and/or start a small business, well that’s hitting the ball out of the park.

Compare that to online freelance job sites like Fiver or UpWork, well there’s no comparison.

For a scathing critique of the current Fiver/UpWork online work environment, check out Laura’s recent post, 10 reasons I created my own marketplace and see what I mean.

Here are a few of the featured services from
-- 1-Minute Explainer Video $1625
--4 Animated Gifs per Month $720/mo
-- Learn How to Do Content Marketing [The Right Way] $89
-- Learn How to Build a WordPress Website $89
-- Monthly Instagram Stories $367/mo
-- Autoresponder Sequence $1097
Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by UpWork/Elance.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Online Instructors Community
New name, same 1500+ member community.
If you're interested in becoming an instructor on Udemy, SkillShare or elsewhere, check this out.
Online Instructors Community
A community for online instructors and entrepreneurs to share their business building and marketing tips
View community
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Hey +Mark Ferrasci, was thinking of you recently. To answer your question, am keeping busy. Will check in with you privately soon. :-)
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Scott Scowcroft

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Video calls
Interested in checking out Google's successor to hangouts?
Duo now available for everyone.

Google Duo is the new, simple video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most.
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+Scott Scowcroft Hangouts On Air is the only thing that has anything to do with YouTube. Hangout is a Text and Video communication thing available across multiple platforms and OSes.
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Scott Scowcroft

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The Revolution Continues

The Revolution Continues

#therevolutioncontinues #OurRevolution
The next step for Bernie Sanders' movement is a new group called Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Does this describe Donald Trump?
Looking forward to watching the debates.
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+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao, not wanting to over-simplify things, but maybe if we think of local, regional, continental and world-wide. Only when interests of two jurisdictions intersect, such as in the case of a river or radio waves, or cross boarder trade, would there be a need for mutual agreement.

Oh wait, isn't that the EU? 
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Scott Scowcroft

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The Future of Video Marketing: VidYard's Top 10 Predictions
What does the future of video marketing look like? Here are ten prediction by Michael Litt, CEO of Vidyard ...

1. The future of the Internet is television
2. Every company will become a media company
3. Every employee will become a content producer
4. Every company will employ a Director or VP of video strategy
5. Sales teams will crave video resources
6. The press release will become a video!
7. Your nurturing campaigns will centre around video assets
8. Marketers will be able to reach audiences in living rooms
9. Contextually relevant video will find your prospects
10. Video data will be integrated across the organization

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Scott Scowcroft

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Google Drive just got a whole bunch better

Now Google Drive uses the same NLP (Natural Language Process) technology as standard search. In other words, it understands what you mean even if you don't use just the right words.

Now how cool is that?
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+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao, in general it works in German though it has some glitches. Nothing to really worry about but sometimes a bit annoying. I'm pretty sure it won't take long until it's fixed.
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Scott Scowcroft

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SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow

Down memory lane ... don't forget +David Amerland's stellar book on SEO ... still as valid and important today as it was when it was originally published. Check out this review. 
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Thank you for sharing this +Scott Scowcroft. :) 
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Scott Scowcroft

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Cyber Threat Real-Time Map

Screen Saver and cybermap widget (for your website) also available.

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Scott Scowcroft

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Watch out, YouTube, Amazon's driving subscription revenue for video creators

For some reason, Digiday chose to do an article about AVD today. The upshot?

-- ... for niche players, the appeal is rather obvious: Amazon’s scale. Amazon claims Prime Video has “tens of millions” of subscribers.

-- _Amazon is clearly interested in the YouTube community. _

--Amazon also wants more TV networks and larger media companies to sign up

-- They had to go niche because that’s what a lot of [subscription video on demand] services are.

-- Unless you’re an 800-pound gorilla that can bring equal negotiating power, they’re starting at a 50-50 split,”

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Will keep my eye out +Scott Scowcroft

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Video editing, especially transforming Google Hangouts on Air into near broadcast quality evergreen content.
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Seattle, WA
Contributor to
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
The great Wayne Gretzky once said, “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

With that in mind, I took a year to listen & learn about social media. It took about nine months to feel as if I really “got it” (and another three to figure out my "niche”).

So, here is what I learned.

  • Secrets of social media for small business
  • Give it the best you’ve got and give it away freely.
  • As in real life, it takes time to build trusting relationships.
  • Also just as in real life, sincerity, honesty and an open heart help.
  • When the customer/client/patient is ready to buy/act/choose,
  • You’ will already be there, ready to sell/provide/serve.
  • Consider it the “Universal Principle of Reciprocity.”
In other words,  ”Skate to where the puck is going to be.

Bragging rights
Managed Seattle/King County's Public Access cable channel 29/72 for most of the 1980's and 1990's. What I didn't learn about "building community" then, I'm making up for now with Google Plus and Hangouts on Air.
  • The Evergreen State College
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