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Video calls
Interested in checking out Google's successor to hangouts?
Duo now available for everyone.

Google Duo is the new, simple video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most.
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+Scott Scowcroft Hangouts On Air is the only thing that has anything to do with YouTube. Hangout is a Text and Video communication thing available across multiple platforms and OSes.
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Scott Scowcroft

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The Revolution Continues

The Revolution Continues

#therevolutioncontinues #OurRevolution
The next step for Bernie Sanders' movement is a new group called Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Copyright protection for your images newly launched

Simply tweet your image with hashtag #blockai and you've trigger tracking for copyright violations plus a Blockai certificate you can send those who violate your copyright. Free for artists, eventually a paid service for media companies.

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+Mark Barrus I haven't come to a conclusion on ownership of my photos. The newest collection I wish to get featured and if it explodes I may change my mind.
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Scott Scowcroft

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1-Click purchases inside AVD (not here yet)

Not here yet, but reports say one Japanese cuisine show will soon let its viewers buy products from within its AVD show itself.

""When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes in a very direct way," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Walt Mossberg at this year's Code Conference. But by letting viewers buy products inside Amazon's shows themselves, the e-commerce colossus may have found a more direct way for its entertainment operations to feed back into the primary retail business."
Amazon is releasing a series of shows about Japanese cuisine that will let viewers buy featured products with a single click inside the app, Nikkei reports. The shows are being produced as part of...
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Scott Scowcroft

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Flight Data 24

Just discovered Flight Data 24. It's a map showing air traffic live worldwide. Includes real time details about each flight and every airport.
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+Michael Daniels, yes perhaps I should have given attribution.

I believe we have one of the best community blogs in the country ... the West Seattle Blog.

There's no public url for this morning's newsletter, but here's the relevant paragraph ...

TRACKING AIR TRAFFIC: Earlier this year, we discovered the online tracker It doesn’t always answer “what’s that helicopter?” But it can help, especially when you hear a low, loud jetliner and wonder what it is. While the Blue Angels are in town this week, air traffic will be diverted during their shows; even if you’re not home to notice it over your neighborhood, you can observe this online.

If you're interested in such things, Michael, you might enjoy checking out

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Scott Scowcroft

SKILLSHARE: AVD Publishing - Smart Step 1

First of 7 SkillShare courses. This one takes you through basics of setting up an account, the dashboard, uploading videos and organizing your workstation files.
IN this course, you are going to learn how to get yourself organized EFFICIENTLY by setting up an Efficient Work Station for your Amazon Video Direct Publishing for Mass Production! We will set up 3 Things Here: 1. Setting Up An Account 2. Dashboard - Sales Performance - Videos Uploading - where you will be spending most of your time 3. Organize your work station with FILES! The problem with AVD is that you need...
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Scott Scowcroft

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Watch out, YouTube, Amazon's driving subscription revenue for video creators

For some reason, Digiday chose to do an article about AVD today. The upshot?

-- ... for niche players, the appeal is rather obvious: Amazon’s scale. Amazon claims Prime Video has “tens of millions” of subscribers.

-- _Amazon is clearly interested in the YouTube community. _

--Amazon also wants more TV networks and larger media companies to sign up

-- They had to go niche because that’s what a lot of [subscription video on demand] services are.

-- Unless you’re an 800-pound gorilla that can bring equal negotiating power, they’re starting at a 50-50 split,”

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+Scott Scowcroft Great...thanks!
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Scott Scowcroft

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Easy Peazy HOAs
Scott Scowcroft and 1 other participated
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Scott Scowcroft

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Blab is Dead. Long Live Bab

Individually you and I choose to build our own personal online communities using various online platforms, and they (the platforms) use us collectively to gain power and influence and make money.

Sadly, blab has closed its doors and is no more. That virtually all the comments to this post announcing its demise are positive is a testament to a grateful community in mourning.

#blab #blabisdead

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Blab is closed but we still meet.
To be invited to many video-chat rooms, click “Join Community”.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Prime Video in India -- soon

Amazon continues to exceed Wall Street expectations, including it's continued involvement in India ...

Amazon also plans to launch Prime Video in India so that consumers there will have exclusive access to Amazon Original Series and Movies, premium movies and TV shows. "

Amazon delivers ... again.And most of the success is thanks to the cloud.Nothing is stopping Amazon as it continues to add to services and features for AWS.
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Very interesting +Scott Scowcroft Thank you for posting.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Is this his "Have you No Sense of Decency" moment?

Trump Belittles Muslim Family
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My comment was that I have a new Signature line on my emails...

Ut Carthagini, Trump esse delendam!

For the non-Latin speakers...
Like Carthage, Trump must be destroyed!
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Scott Scowcroft

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A number of galactic gems about the "Star Trek" franchise are revealed in a new book, including stories from the original cast and details on episodes that never made it to air.
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I wish it was a video version and then it would have been "One to beam up Scotty!" +Scott Scowcroft
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Basic Information
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
The great Wayne Gretzky once said, “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

With that in mind, I took a year to listen & learn about social media. It took about nine months to feel as if I really “got it” (and another three to figure out my "niche”).

So, here is what I learned.

  • Secrets of social media for small business
  • Give it the best you’ve got and give it away freely.
  • As in real life, it takes time to build trusting relationships.
  • Also just as in real life, sincerity, honesty and an open heart help.
  • When the customer/client/patient is ready to buy/act/choose,
  • You’ will already be there, ready to sell/provide/serve.
  • Consider it the “Universal Principle of Reciprocity.”
In other words,  ”Skate to where the puck is going to be.

Bragging rights
Managed Seattle/King County's Public Access cable channel 29/72 for most of the 1980's and 1990's. What I didn't learn about "building community" then, I'm making up for now with Google Plus and Hangouts on Air.
Video editing, especially transforming Google Hangouts on Air into near broadcast quality evergreen content.
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