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Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.

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Courage to break Our Own Rules

Great program with Alan Cohen, well worth the watch.

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Can I Market On a Limited Budget?" (6:55)

Everything I know about online entrepreneurship (including online marketing), I've learned form my larger online community of friends and helpers. There is nothing new to me in +Mark Timberlake's new video, "Can I Market on a Limited Budget?", but what I can say is that Mark has put it all together in one place ...

... plus Mark is offering a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into learning social media marketing. He's offering his 285 video lesson "Social Media Marketing Masterclass" with a limited 30-day free access. See comments below for more information.

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What's cheaper now that Amazon owns Whole Foods?

Hot off the press from the +Seattle Times ...

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7 Google Drive Tips & Tricks

(Great tutorial from +Craig Chamberlin , well worth the watch)

This video tutorial will show you 7 tips and tricks to get more out of Google Drive. For one tip I say the word "zed" that's my Canadian for "z":)

0:24 OCR in Google Drive
2:58 Searching images in Google Drive
4:28 Scan using the Google Drive App
5:38 Sending a PDF link - replace ending with export?format=pdf
7:36 Creating a new instance of a folder or file in Google Drive (shift + z)
9:28 Restrict file and folder access in Google Drive
10:34 Setting expiration dates in Google Drive

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Google New Sites New Feature: Mapping your url
G-Suite admins can now swap out the Google url for one of their own domains. If I understand this correctly, this functionally means the end of having to set up hosting accounts if (a) you are a G-Suite subscriber, and (b) you're happy to use New Sites (and for example not wordpress) as your "website software".

Ping +MaAnna Stephenson from +BlogAid: Is this correct? Your thoughts?

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3 minutes at 3pm local time on eclipse day

Thanks to Alan Cohen for bringing this to my attention ...

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Totality: The American Eclipse
Interesting documentary ... must have Amazon Prime to view free.

Ping: +Andrew Hatchett

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Totality: The American Eclipse
Good example of an independent documentary using Amazon Prime as it was intended, and Amazon Prime being available as an media outlet as independent producers had hoped.

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Must See TV

You will be amazed by what Google Keep can do for you ... and no one better than Heather and Michael host this informative and fun show about Google Keep, and more.
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