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Scott Scowcroft

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Hitlers Remorse 
I just love those foreign flicks with sub-titles. Don't you?
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Snapchat, here they come!!!  :-)
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Scott Scowcroft

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Social Media the fun way
Just a freindly reminder that Beyond Social Media broadcasts live in just about 10 minutes ... if you've not seen it before, check it out.
Please join +B.L. Ochman and +David Erickson for the award-winning fast-paced 1/2 live broadcast for advertising, marketing, PR and digital communications professionals.

We’ll bring you the digital communications news of the week, plus apps you'll want and stats you can use.


The Beyond Social Media Show format:
*  Worst marketing stories of the week
*  Best marketing stories of the week
*  Shiny new tools
*  The Daily Numbers

Thanks to +Marketwired  for including us in their list of 10 Productivity-Inspiring Podcasts for PR and Marketing Pros. Here's what they say:

"Hosted by accomplished business strategists +B.L. Ochman and +David Erickson, the weekly show is a fun, funny, and fast-paced look at how marketing and social media are affecting business, brands, and people. It covers must-know news and current events, highlights the best and worst marketing stories of the week, and looks at shiny new tools. Though delivered in an irreverent style, the hosts dive deep into big-brand hits and misses and provide great insight into why some campaigns work, and others don’t. Enjoy."


Follow us on Twitter:@BSMediaShow 

We're on iTunes & Stitcher now! Please Review and Subscribe to Beyond Social Media Show Podcast on iTunes

The playlists for all of our shows, with links to the sources of all the stories we shared, are on our blog at


+B.L. Ochman 
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* What's Next Blog: 
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* - Google+ event production and coaching
* Twitter:            
* Pawfun:          

 +David Erickson  
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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Beyond Social Media Show. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Digital Witch Hunt for #CecilTheLion's Killer - Beyond Social Media Show # 106
Sat, August 1, 12:30 PM
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Thank you +Scott Scowcroft !!!
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Scott Scowcroft

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Public Access TV in Seattle
Today +Ross Reynolds from KUOW-FM, our local NPR radio station, ran an 8 minute feature story about Seattle's Public Access channel during the 1980's and 90's. 

Okay, having managed the the PA TV station during this time, I'm being a bit self indulgent sharing this radio clip.

Actually IMHO, HOAs kept the promises Public Access TV broke. If nothing else, that explain's my passion for HOAs.
Think back to a time before the Internet, before Netflix … a time when cable TV had a mere 57 channels. It was the 1980s and ’90s, the heyday of public
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I wish you would have too.

The old PA studios are now being used for storage by the City of Seattle, so not all is peaches and cream.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Will be installing 10 tomorrow. .. fingers crossed.
+John Scalzi installs Windows 10. Its final form will soon be upon us.
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+John Chang , so funny. 
+Phil Bowyer , when you really think about it, 3.1 does about 80% of what 8 or 10 does, the rest is just bells and whistles. :0
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Scott Scowcroft

Short Videos  - 
In this video leaked from an alternate universe, where teachers are idolized   
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Hilarious! :-)
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Scott Scowcroft

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Maybe you've already seen this, but if not ... well worth the watch.
When Hitler Found Out Google+ was Now a Standalone

In case you missed this last night when I first posted it, in my latest Downfall Meme video, Adolf finds out Google+ will no longer be the universal Google account system... and he has a few things to say about that.

If you love the changes or hate them, there are nods in here to your feelings most likely.
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Thanks +Kristin Drysdale​!
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Scott Scowcroft

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How does service to others manifest itself in real life?

As an author, writing coach and mom +Marisa Goudy points out in this week's JSY! Show, there is a paradox between service vs servitude, of self care vs selfishness. One must practice self care in order to continue to do daily activities.

+Lisa Engles, Evolutionary Entrepreneur and Visionary Coach, adds  that when being in service is not in alignment with one's core values, the result can be feeling "grumpy, frustrated, pissed off and/or overwhelmed." If so, she advises then step back and evaluate your choices in relationship to your values.

Enjoy this "The SCOTT Treatment" golden nugget from this week's Featured JSY! program, and to watch the entire episode please visit our website at

#JSY   #FabSummerSeason   #InTheServiceOfOthers  
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Scott Scowcroft

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Sage advise. Are you listening?

h/t +Sheila Hensley 
Everybody Needs A Coach         (45 sec.)
- +Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
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Thanks for sharing +Scott Scowcroft   Simple but profound  isn't it?  
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Scott Scowcroft

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Podcasting: An Online Course for free.

Normally $147, +Scott Paton is now offering this course on Podcasting for free.

If you think you too could create/sell online courses, then consider checking out OVEE
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I am taking this!
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Scott Scowcroft

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Blink and its  already changed

Things move fast on the internet. For example, at least for now we're all able to enter the marketplace of online courses, well within our grasp. But blink and that will no longer be the case.

For example, here's an exchange of comments this morning between +Mark Timberlake and +Sheila Strover from the Online Video Educators & Entrepreneurs OVEE community (below). It comes right on the heals of celebrities getting into the act ...

From my perspective, there's still time to claim your space in the grassroots online courses arena, but the doors are closing. One great way to start and "pick up skills" is to check out the OVEE ... and of course if you feel you'll need help with the video part, that's what The SCOTT Treatment is here to do. :-)
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Thanks for the shoutout +Scott Scowcroft, there is massive opportunity right now, I agree, but eventually it will close, just like happened with stock photography.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Time for a tea break ... live now.
‘Catch up over a brew with Phil & Sue’ 
Have you been stuck in front of a computer all day? Whether you work in an office or work from home and fancy a bit of chat, then join Phil and Sue for a virtual tea break! Tune in for fun, food and friendship and a catch up on what's been happening in your day! :)

Your Hosts +Sue Aston +Phil Aston 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Genius Loci. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Tea Break Chat With The Astons Ep4
Wed, July 29, 10:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Sue Aston , my pleasure.
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Scott Scowcroft

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Creating the Narrative of Our Life
We Are the Creators of our Own Journey

According to InnerState Coach +Lisa Engles , we’re in a place in history where we not only are a character in our journey, we can write the narrative. Our unique self can show up and experiences being in service to others because that’s what we’re meant to be.

Excerpt from this weeks JSY! Featured Episode In the Service of Others

#JSY   #FabSummerSeason   #InTheServiceOfOthers  
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Video editing, especially transforming Google Hangouts on Air into near broadcast quality evergreen content.
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Seattle, WA
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Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
The great Wayne Gretzky once said, “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

With that in mind, I took a year to listen & learn about social media. It took about nine months to feel as if I really “got it” (and another three to figure out my "niche”).

So, here is what I learned.

  • Secrets of social media for small business
  • Give it the best you’ve got and give it away freely.
  • As in real life, it takes time to build trusting relationships.
  • Also just as in real life, sincerity, honesty and an open heart help.
  • When the customer/client/patient is ready to buy/act/choose,
  • You’ will already be there, ready to sell/provide/serve.
  • Consider it the “Universal Principle of Reciprocity.”
In other words,  ”Skate to where the puck is going to be.

Bragging rights
Managed Seattle/King County's Public Access cable channel 29/72 for most of the 1980's and 1990's. What I didn't learn about "building community" then, I'm making up for now with Google Plus and Hangouts on Air.
  • The Evergreen State College
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