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"Summit As Friends"
"Summit As Friends"


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+Mike Blumenthal  +Linda Buquet +Mike Ramsey +David Mihm

And, of course anyone else who would like to chime in.

I would love your insight and opinion on the following matter:

We are trying to figure out the best route of creating and optimizing Facebook pages for our clients.

Questions for you:
* Do you believe creating a duplicate optimized Facebook page for a local business will have a negative impact on performance? This question is driven by scenario 3 outlined below.
* Do you know of a scaleable way to create, merge and manage Facebook pages for multi location businesses?

Here is our summary of our Facebook project including a high level overview of the setup/merge process for duplicate pages.

We have been auditing client's current Facebook page portfolio's and have found the following information. There are three possible options:

1) The location has a Facebook page, of which they manage and have access. 
G5 Action Item: None
2) The location does not have a Facebook page. 
G5 Action Item: Setup/Optimize Facebook page
3) The location has an unofficial/public or existing Facebook page.  This means the client has no access to the page, and is unable to make any edits. 
G5 Action Item:
Option A) Gain access to existing page, then optimize
Option B) Setup new page, delete or merge existing page

The largest portion of our client's Facebook pages fall under option number three. In this option, we have explored solutions A and B, both of which provide roadblocks.

Option A) Gain access to existing page, then optimize:
Only the business itself is able to gain admin access to the old/unofficial page. This is a lengthy process which includes the location manager verifying their business ownership via pin and can even include business licensing and tax information.
After the location has completed the verification process, they would need to provide admin permissions to G5.
At this point, G5 would optimize the Facebook page
G5 would then release the page to the client
This verification/claiming process could take weeks to months
Option B) Setup new page, delete or merge existing page:
G5 would setup/optimize a duplicate Facebook page
The location would then need to go through the admin request/verification process to gain ownership to the existing page
The client would then need to provide G5 admin access to that page
G5 would then request to either merge or delete the old Facebook page
This process could take weeks to months

Both options A and B require extensive work from the client, and G5 would be unable to deliver any value-added services without client completion. The Facebook setup and optimization process would ultimately take as long, if not longer, than the current Google Plus page process.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and opinion on this matter.
Scott Rowley
SEO Delivery Manager

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Awesome food. Great views. Love #zion 👍

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Stoked to tryout the new #gmail app.

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We are frustrated with Google Account Verifications!

Can you help us? Can someone at +Google+  helps us?

Issue = Multi Account Authentication

Many agencies and consultants that service single to multi location businesses are continuing to run into a multi authentication Google account roadblock.

When do you see this issue?
When creating new  #gmail   / #googleaccounts we are prompted to verify the account via phone call or text message.
When claiming new #googlemybusiness  pages (not verifying) we are prompted to re-verify the Google Account

This roadblock is clearly auto generated based on a Google account algorithm at both the gmail and G Local / GMB level and has persisted for well over a year. And the issue is more prevalent today than ever before.

Solutions we have used that either no long work or are not scaleable.
Verify via desk, cell or call forwarding numbers (ex. Google Voice) via text and call

This presents digital marketers with an ongoing issue that has no scalable solutions.

Can someone @google or in our communities please help either provide us with a current solution that is scaleable or start the right conversations with the right people to effect a change to this issue?

People to tag - +Jade Wang +Mike Blumenthal +Mike Ramsey +Linda Buquet +Phil Rozek +Andrew Shotland +Max Minzer +David Mihm 

In advance, I would like to thank everyone for your help in resolving this.

#LocalSEO #SmallBusiness #Local #LocalSearch #Google #GoogleMaps #GoogleMyBusiness #Google+ #LocalBusiness #SEOTips #SmallBusiness #Maps #GooglePlusTips #Search #LocalSearchMarketing #GooglePlaces #LocalSEOTips #GooglePlacesForBusiness

+Cody Moulton Might be time to bring this space back to life and bring it up to date. +Google+ Your Business has changed radically.

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Google+ trend is great to see.
Social Login Trends Q3 2014

Despite reports of privacy concerns and young people abandoning the network, Facebook’s value to consumers as a social login provider shows no signs of declining. Facebook increased its lead over Google during the past quarter, marking its second consecutive quarter of growth. Yahoo slipped to its lowest share ever, with Twitter picking up momentum in third place.

Google+ made a valiant charge to dethrone Facebook but the momentum is now gone and Facebook is once again pulling away. Yahoo on the other hand is now in nowheresville with Twitter now the third largest platform. 

#social   #signin  

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For starters, I work at a cool ass company in Bend, Oregon called G5. We provide digital experience management software and services to the self storage, senior living and multifamily housing industry. That means A LOT of local business (roughly 4000) locations, data, marketing and rad tools.

here is the map

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What are you chasing?
“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.”
Tony Hsieh - 
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