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Owner, Byte Arts. Code monkey.

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Is it safe to upgrade to Delphi 10.2.3 for Android development? I've been using Berlin for the past year and based on messages here and other places it seemed like there were some major issues with apps targeting Android, but it seems like maybe those have been addressed? Anyone here have experience migrating an Android app from Berlin to Tokyo? I'm about to start a new project and would prefer to use the latest version of Delphi if possible. Thanks!

More misleading sales/marketing emails from Embarcadero.

Got an email today from Idera with this subject line: "Embarcadero Maintenance and support has expired" -- it about gave me a heart attack, as I knew my license was expiring sometime in June and I did not want to let it lapse, but in the body of the email it says that my license is good until June 29, so I still have plenty of time.

They are also still trying to slip in the $500 charge for 'Platinum Support', which I never asked for or bought ever -- this is pretty sleazy sales tactics. I've been using Delphi since V1.0, but it's crap like this that really makes me question my continued loyalty!

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How does GetIt Package Manager handle updates to packages? There are a few packages that I use that are available on both GitHub and GetIt. I haven't used GetIt much, so I'm not sure how/if it handles getting updates to packages. GetIt is convenient, but if its packages aren't up-to-date, I'll continue to use Git and just update things myself.

Problem with EnableBluetooth() on Android.

I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin to make an app that communicates using Bluetooth LE.

On Android, if the user has turned off Bluetooth, I call TBluetoothLEManager.EnableBluetooth() to prompt them to turn Bluetooth on -- it pops up a dialog with "Deny" or "Allow" buttons, all of which works just fine.

The problem is that the call to EnableBluetooth() is non-blocking and returns right away, and I can't find anyway to tell when the user has closed the popup dialog. I've looked at the library source code and can see that it's creating a thread to show the dialog box and return right away, but I can't see anyway to get a callback when it closes. (The code I'm looking at is the DoEnableBluetooth method in System.Android.Bluetooth). Anyone have any ideas? TIA.

Does anyone have any advice on how to use Bluetooth LE with Delphi Berlin, targeting Windows? The ExploreDevicesLE sample application works fine for me on iOS, Android and OSX, but doesn't work at all on Windows. I believe the problem is that under Windows, the StartDiscovery method returns right away (the DocWiki says so) and so devices never seem to get enumerated. If this is the case, how can I enumerate available Bluetooth LE devices in Windows?
TIA. - Scott

Looking for a docking library for a VCL app using Delphi Berlin that supports docking multiple forms. We've been using the JEDI docking components but keep having problems and the lack of documentation is frustrating. I was looking for something like AQTime docking library, but that doesn't seem to be available anymore. Anyone have suggestions?

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