Dear #ATL - We can cut traffic by 20%

This has been my pet idea for a very long time. It is as simple as it gets and could benefit us ALL in the #ATL. If each and every one of us figured out a way to do an "Alternative Commute" just ONE DAY PER WEEK, traffic would be cut on average by 20%.

You now say "What is an alternative commute?" Ride your bike, carpool, work from home, take Marta, ride the bus, hike, take your hover board - whatever! Just get off the road! You know I love my motorcycle, but even THAT doesn't really count.

I challenged myself to take at least one alternative commute per week - do you have the courage to start the 20% movement? #LetsDothis!

#ATL #FiftyNotFat #BikeCommute #TrafficSucks
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