I've been worried

Last year, when I finished Tour de Pink South, I took a nearly 5 month rest from my bike. I am 100% ever single excuse/reason I had was valid, important and pertinent - but the simple fact is I gained over 20 pounds in that time. I got severely depressed and it wasn't fun.

I finished (almost) Tour de Pink South 2 weeks ago today. I have ridden once and run twice and have been secretly "scared". You see, I came up with some completely valid, important and pertinent reasons to NOT ride my bike. In some cases, it was physically impossible - but the fear comes from my complete lack of desire to even touch my bike (or workout in any way, for that matter!)

I'm happy to report, I woke up this morning and the only thing I want to do today is .... ride my bike! I don't want to go hard, fast, train, do intervals, ride here, ride there.... I just want to ride my bike. That alone is a GREAT feeling!

So.... a little more coffee, a few eggs .... and I'm out the door! Hope you all have a great day and ... Ride your bike!


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