Trying out Tuesday...

In the 11 seasons I have participated in some way, at the Dick Lane Velodrome, I have never raced or participated on a Tuesday - that changed yesterday! It's Masters night - and being more masterly than I used to be, decided to give it a go.

Five Lap Scratch

On the line it became 7. I had about 5 laps of speed, but managed to hang in there and not finish last. The field was a spaced out just enough so I would have to squeeze through gaps to move up, and possibly make others feel funky... good race.


I hate a point-a-lap. They are just not an event I have ever done well in. They are fast from the gun and only get faster. Undergeared and under-powered, I did enjoy about 7 laps second wheel behind Barman. I then faded, but was pleasantly surprised at my speed. With no track training, I guess losing over 60 pounds helps?

Points Race

Prior to our race, the beginners decided to crash rather dramatically. Lots of noise, sparks and people bouncing. I wasn't "phased" by this, but it led to a long delay. My legs felt like crap. I decided to stretch them out early, just a lap on the gas. It was fun to roll off the field and others commented later "It was good to see Scott roll off like Scott rolls off!" Anyway ... 2-3 laps later, there was a HORRIFIC noise in the field. Sounded just like the previously described crash. I don't have time to bounce.... so I backed off.... went high, looking for bodies on the ground but they never showed up. Turns out Barman's chain came off. Riding a carbon bike, they amplify all sounds and make it sound like somebody abusing an aircraft carrier or something. As that sorted out they were ringing the bell.... I was OTB... race was over, but training continued for 21 more laps.

I've got some work to do, but man, I had fun!

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