Tales of the Tailpipe

So I got my motorcycle with an aftermarket exhaust, put on my some sort of odd-engineering specialist. This photo shows much of the reason I wanted to replace it. Little did I know that it was basically not connected to my motorcycle.

I found a full exhaust system for $130 .. used, but in perfect condition. I wont go into the 4 hour saga of installing it, but - lets just say it was a BITCH!

Everything worked GREAT... or so I thought. Turns out, my aftermarket center stand has a gizmo (shown below) that blocks the center stand from going up to far. The new one doesn't. I went for a short lunch ride today, to run an errand and I heard a really weird noise. Now... motorcycles make a lot of noise, but this one was funky. Turns out the center stand was going up high enough to hit the chain (just a little) and the chain was slowly cutting off the foot of the center stand. (well, at least part of it).

Glad I found it ... after a little thought and analysis I managed to come up with a work around that will hold me over until at least the weekend.

Overall review on my Leo Vince pipe - AWESOME! Quieter than the old one, looks really nice, all the parts match and since its all bolted together - it doesn't backfire!


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