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Scott Patton
AKA - TheCondor - #ingress #resistance
AKA - TheCondor - #ingress #resistance

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A guy in the DFW airport wearing a Matt Ryan Jersey just snapped at me for saying what the hell happened. I understand the desire the watch the game later, but dude....Don't wear your game gear on a flight to #ATL! ....and he is 2 seats away....

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Nothing in this airport will taste as good as #FiftyNotFat will feel. 

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Is it the end of an era?

Maybe. After being treated like a second or third class citizen because I have a google apps account, I've FINALLY decided to just deal with the crap I lose - and move back to a Gmail account. +Zeke Cao explained some of it to me - and I appreciate that, but gmail is just easier.

Not that G+ is relevant or nearly as used - but I still like it - so you can find me over here (where I was originally) +Scott Patton for easy reference ...

Hit me over there, or @ScottPatton on twitter - or text me - or hell, I'm even on FB now.

Peace out!

+Scott Patton


Anyone playing with Allo? Seems kinda cool.

So - it turns out when you ride over 200 miles in a week - you suddenly need more sleep.  


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I headed out for a great ride with my friend, Kevin.  It's not the route/road that makes a good ride, it's the company you keep.  I got in a great workout, he got in some good recovery riding.  Very awesome!

Up early and getting ready to go.

If everything goes right - I should double last Saturday's mileage today.  

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I really enjoy this watch, but right now it is pissing me off.
90 minute bike ride, sit down for 5 minutes, it tells my my move meter is full... #STFU

I'm all international for breakfast.... Greek Yogurt, Brazillian Coffee

some days I truly hate my work VPN.

Today is one of them.
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