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If you are on G+ and interested in being in my Board Game circle, please Comment on this message and I'll add you.

(note - you may want to mute this post after you reply to it, as it will keep generating hits.)
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Here I am. Thanks in advance Scott.
Hello, I'm a boardgames person (and pretty much everything else too :)
Yes please - I have even watched some Boardgames with Scott this weekend as qualification!
I'd love to be added as well. :)
Hi Scott, with everyone else here I would like to join your Board Game circle.
I am a teen librarian - interested in board games for teens for my gaming club.
Heya Scott, I'd like to be added to your board game circle too :)
I love to hear what you are doing. Please add me. :)
Your videos were one of the first things I came across when I first got into boardgames 4 years ago. Count me in!
Loved the videos, and will probably enjoy what you'll say here.
What effect does it have? I thought circles are only there for you. We don't even know in which circle we are.
Oh, no! Now I'm getting all the comments here in the mail. Argh!
Gábor: you should definitely turn off email notification. And about your question, it will help Scott create a dedicated board game circle, so that we can only see those news from him. (It's better than publicly saying everything, if he has people with whom he does not want to share board game stuff.)
Alan: Thanks, I managed to do that before hundreds of e-mails arrived. :) And that makes sense now.
Definitely pro-board-game-circle.
Having people +1 it instead of comment avoids the notification deluge, too. (Include me, please) 
Please add met my partner Steve at a librarian convention in California last year....and actually you taught me a game at BGG Con many years ago :)
+Matthew Gray Oh, that's a good idea! I'll remember that for next time. (I wish there were Public Circles to get around this.)
Has anyone taken blue yet? If not, I want to play blue.
Please, one of your fan from Taiwan
You are in mine. I'd love to be in yours!
Hey, I'd like to be there.
Yes, please. Of course I want to be in your board game circle!
Is this a permanent commitment? Either way, sign me up please.
You can add me to that circle. Thanks. ;-}
I appreciate what you have done for the community and I respect you.
I would very much like to be in your Board Game circle, Scott.
1 cloth, 1 food, 1 wood for a favour please
I would love to be part of the board game circle!
Definitely wouldn't mind being in your board game circle!
Definitely interested. Glad you didn't institute some kind of qualification requirement, like beating you at a game of checkers. 
Sounds great! If you have a "librarians" circle, I'd love to be in that, too (working on my MLIS).
You have a lot of work cut out for you. Add me. Enjoyed the beard pie photo.
Big fan Scott. I loved (heck still do) your board game reviews. Would like to join your circle :)
Loved all your videos and follow you on twitter, and would like to keep on following.
Count me in! Stoked to be in the loop.
It would be great to be added!! I enjoy your views on games.
My attorney is faxing you the pre-nup
You wouldn't believe how helpful we found your review of Die Macher to be.
Bin Zhu
Please add me. Thank you.
You're going to need a bigger boa....table.
Circle takes the square. Sign me up.
Sally S
me too, please
oh, I intended to respond to this but didn't yet. May I be added, please?
Huge fan. I would love to follow what you have going on here.
Would love the chance to be accepted, sir
Me too!
Count me in please!! But why don't you just post board game stuff as public?
Please add me. Will this be different than what I can read on facebook and twitter?
+Donald Hill Yes, it already has been. If I post something to a specific circle, it can't be seen outside Google+
+Jean-Francois Losier Because, to be honest, there are some times when I'm geeking out about games that I really don't want to share with my colleagues and students.
I'm in! Thanks Scott!
Hey Scott. Always interested to hear your comments about gaming :-)
I'd like to hear what you have to say :)
Thanks Scott! See you at BGG.CON!
A Chan
Count me in.
Yes please. Always interested to hear your thoughts on board games. 
Would love to be added .. you do good work on gaming!
would like to be added to please
+1 from San Diego! Love you, Scott!
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