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We celebrated the opening of a +Ford Motor Company lab in Silicon Valley today.

The lab will focus chiefly on three areas:
Big data, which Ford will use to create a more "personalized" driving experience.
Open-source innovation, which will lead to custom software and hardware applications.
User experience, which would revamp how vehicles and drivers interact.
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This is a cool idea.  Good luck!!
This is such a great concept. Congratulations on getting this off the ground.
Of course you guys go and open an R&D lab in the bay area a couple years after I leave... Complaining aside, this is a move that really makes sense considering the rapid and ever accelerating convergence of the consumer tech and automotive fields.
Very cool. Now THERE is a place I'd love to visit.
Things like this are why I believe Ford will still be around for a long long time.
I was just thinking to myself over the weekend, "If I could pick a tech company to work for, Ford would be in the top 5." No sarcasm - I'm sincerely impressed with the innovation coming out Dearborn.

This all interests me greatly. Will I get the chance to visit this lab sometime after my visit to Dearborn. Scoble & I are researching a new book and we see Ford as an important piece of the story we'll be building.
Awesome!  Congrats, thanks so much for the update!
There is a reason why Ford has been the keynote and has had major presence at CES. Ford has been on a transformation from an auto manuf centric company to a customer experience centric company with tech at the core of offerings. 
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