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Thinking about getting Google Drive? Here's something to consider. #privacy
Do the usage rights to your files change what cloud storage services you use? Have you ever looked to see what kind of usage rights you are granting? What you grant Google Drive might surprise you. Co...
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And another FUD article conveniently leaving out the line before the quotes TOS paragraph. "Some of our Services allow you to submit content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours."
Dropbox is no secure picnic basket. As a writer, I don't use it.
This is why I have my own FTP... but Dropbox and Google Drive have their place for non-secure files like audio files or graphics, that sort of thing. It's like sending a postcard... anyone can read it while in transit, but they're still nice to send once in a while.
+Scott Monty thanks for this. I'm currently using +Polkast which keeps your files on your computer and in my case my redundant NAS at home so the files are mine, on my server, with no other access. The only thing I lack would be backup in the case of destruction of the box (fire, etc) and I'm considering backing up critical data to the 50gb account that is free and surpasses all the other services for size/price. TOS is obviously a huge concern though as it relates to critical and personal data.
+Christopher Boyer There's a difference between ownership and use. Just because you still own the content doesn't prevent Google from using it in the way Brad states.
It was first thing I asked myself, what would I be giving away to google to use.
Basically we don't need to care about it b/c Google doesn't care each one of us but just many people including us. So it is no problem to throw my privacy away. But we must care very much that our own PCs are the worst security level.
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