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Some analysis based on recent trends and events related to Pinterest.
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Thanks for the good report. I'm enjoying using it for my business +Classic Legacy custom gifts. I not only post my products but things I'm interested in ...things of beauty and interesting quotes. I love also that I can choose which boards that I want to follow....not necessarily everything. Catherine Tatum
I've been waiting for your comments. I started a thread on Facebook about Pinterest two days ago and drew a variety of reactions from "ick" to "love it" to "What's Pinterest?"
I think Pinterest can be used in a variety of ways but I think it's especially important to make sure you are sourcing your pins correctly! If that doesn't happen it could be a huge negative #NewhouseSM4
It was worth a couple of weeks wait for you to out this together +Scott Monty. +Emilia Vest is right when she said that "it's especially important to make sure you are sourcing pins correctly". But that goes beyond Pinterest, to everything. I love it Pinterest and I am seeing more and more guys on it. Sure women may be pushing the growth and activity, but smart men go where lots of women are hanging out!
I'm strapped for time but totally loving Pinterest for now.... how long it will last I don't know.....
I agree with Jane...I'll probably get bored with it. Especially if it doesn't change or add new features.
It certainly seems to increase site traffic from what we are seeing...
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