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This has been sitting in my 'to process' bin for two months now, and since I leave for Hawaii Friday morning I thought I should get in the ocean mood. Sadly, the current forecast for Hawaii looks like I am brining the Oregon winter with me. If the forecast is true, I will be lucky to see a single sunrise or sunset while I am there.

As for the picture, this was taken on the Oregon coast as part of an overnight trip with +Dustin Gent, +Jeremy Cram and Paul Bowman. We got pretty lucky with the light this night.
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Lovely shot and interesting location.
Pity you don't share photo details +Scott Miller but the photo is GREAT :)
It would be interesting to see how would it look it the exposure time would be even longer.
+Sebastjan Penko I am happy to share any of the image details :) I just never put it in my original message because I didn't think anyone cared! This is a 3 shot blend. I manually combined one image exposed for the foreground, one image exposed for the sky and one image for the water. All were taken at 17mm and f/11. I just varied the ISO and shutter speed to get different exposures and the desired water motion. I do have a couple of long exposures for the water but decided that I liked a little bit of texture instead of the milky water the 15 and 30 second exposures provided. Let me know if you want to know anything else!
+Scott Miller I actually thought this pic was taken in Hawaii when I saw it come through my stream. :) Which island are you going to?
Amazing light in this! Love the colors and comp, so gorgeous!
+Matthew Creech thanks for commenting! I am heading to Kauai tomorrow for some sun and sand... err clouds and rain.... Well at least the mai tai's will taste the same. :)
Oh and on a side note, this is the first image I have processed in the last two months that I haven't reuploaded a dozen times. Maybe I am starting to suck less at photoshop!
Ah, love Kauai, I'm envious. :) Well, if the weather's too bad, you can still probably get in some good hikes around the canyon.
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