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What Differential-K Theory gets Wrong about Race Differences in Sexuality
In two previous posts , I discussed a study (Dutton, van der Linden, & Lynn, 2016) that aimed to test predictions from the highly controversial differential-K theory. Among other things, this theory proposes that there are racial differences in sexual attit...

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Population Differences in Androgens Fail to Validate Richard Lynn's Claims about Racial Differences in Penis Size
In the first part of this post, I discussed a recent study (Dutton, van der Linden, & Lynn, 2016) that
attempted to empirically test the predictions of differential-K theory. To
recap briefly, this theory proposes that racial groups differ in their

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Population Differences in Androgens Fail to Support Differential-K Theory
According to a controversial theory, Differential- K , major human populations differ in
a systematic way along a continuum of psychological and physical
characteristics, based on their preferred reproductive strategies. These
presumed characteristics inclu...

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Dutch Hustle

Diederik Stapel’s memoirs, free download for your ebook reader

Diederik Stapel, the most prolific fabricator in the field of psychology with as yet 54 retracted papers, has just published his “memoirs” in English. “Faking Science: A True Story of Academic Fraud”, which was published  in Dutch under the title “Ontsporing” (“derailment” in English) is according to the New York Times  “an examination of his life based on a personal diary he started after his fraud was made public.” Stapel, the paper  further says, “wanted it to bring both redemption and profit, and he seemed not to have given much thought to whether it would help or hurt him in his narrower quest to seek forgiveness from the students and colleagues he duped.” I haven’t yet read it, but I here make it available for free download for your ebook readers, in the epub and mobi (Kindle) format, in agreement with Mr. Stapel.

Faking Science: A True Story of Academic Fraud



PDF here:

My review of the book:

The book was originally published in the PDF format, which does not display well on ebook readers like the Kindle, because it has fixed margins. I had to use OCR to extract the continuous (flow) text (without page numbers, which don't exist in the ebook reader world) that could then be transformed into proper epub and mobi files. To get the mobi file onto your Kindle, send it to you Kindle email address or connect your Kindle to the computer via USB and copy the file into the "documents" folder of the Kindle.  With Apple iOS devices like the iPhone or the iPad, you use iTunes (or email) for the transfer. All other platforms have similar easy protocols. You know the drill when you have self published your books as ebooks with Amazon.

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The irony of the Lucifer Effect
A light-hearted look at the psychology of evil Philip Zimbardo wrote a book entitled The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil. The premise of this book is that certain kinds of social situations have the power to turn otherwise good peopl...

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Making a mockery of the principle of charity: or see how easy it is to ridicule atheism when you don't understand it
People become atheists for all sorts of reasons, but one of the more commonly cited reasons is that atheism is a rational and reasonable position to take based on the lack of evidence for the existence of any sort of god. However, it is not uncommon for rel...

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What personality features do heroes and psychopaths have in common?
A recent research paper attempts to answer the question: “Are psychopaths and heroes twigs off the same branch?” Psychopathy is usually thought of as one of the most malevolent manifestations of a disturbed personality structure as it is associated with sel...

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Repost of my article about peak experiences in psilocybin users originally posted on Psychology Today

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Cannabis Use and Psychosis: The Still Difficult Question of Causality
Many studies have linked adolescent cannabis use and risk of becoming psychotic later in
life. However, the question of whether cannabis use actually causes some people
to become psychotic is a difficult one to answer and the evidence remains
inconclusive. ...

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Heroes and Villains: Banal or Special People? Part 2 of 2
In part 1 of this post, I discussed
the situationist analysis of the “banality” of evil and of heroism
respectively. To recap, according to Phil Zimbardo and colleagues, both heroic
acts and evil acts occur primarily in response to situational factors, rath...
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