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Scott McCoy
You really don't want to know... seriously.
You really don't want to know... seriously.

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It's my first podcast!  Check it out people!
It's the InHealth Podcast #1 hosted by +Scott McCoy!  Today Scott talks about barefoot running and sits down with our very own chiropractor Dr. Kevin Rindal to discuss growing up in a chiropractic family, working with the USA swim team and his experience competing in multiple +Ironman Triathlon .

Listen, Subsribe and Share!

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Are you protecting yourself from digital attack?

Food for thought: With a max speed of 5900 m/s, the #MSL  could have given Usain Bolt a 99.29 meter head start and still won the gold.  Yeah, that's fast. +NASA 

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I am a semi-professional athlete and avid sports fan.  Over the course of my  28 years I have watched the Olympics with my eyes and heart open wide, dreaming that one day I might stand on the podium as the Anthem plays and the Stars and Stripes whip in the wind.  

This Olympic season I have been watching with the same awe and aspiration that I had as a kid cheering on Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Michael Johnson.  So many great athletes and so many incredible moments.

This Olympics has already given us some great memories, but tonight my attention was focused 3.5 million miles from London at the #MSL  .  Few times in my life have I witnessed something so nerve wracking, so moving and so exciting as the 7 min of hell in the final stages of decent to the red planet.  I would be lying if I said that things didn't get a little misty as the flight team confirmed that Curiosity had landed.

Of all the Olympic moments this year, the #MSL  landing just might take the Gold medal spot in my heart.  Congratulations to +NASA, the JPL and everyone who was involved in this historic moment.  If there was such a thing as the Nerd Olympics, you would surely take home the Gold.

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Is there any weight to the claim that jumping at higher altitudes will increase the performance due to decreased gravity and lower air density? +WIRED takes a look at Bob Beamon's WR jump at the '68 Mexico City Olympics.

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Great article by +WIRED.  Being a "professional athlete" doesn't mean you automatically make a 7-digit salary.  For most (in track and field) you have to rely on your sponsors in order to be the best.  IOC rule 40 prohibits athletes from mentioning the all important sponsor during the games.  Things need to change. #WeDemandChange #rule40

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+NBC Olympics needs to take +Wil Wheaton's advice:

DON'T BE A DICK!  Thanks for nothing.

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Ever stop to think about the science of sport?  Here's a cool article that explains how the new starting blocks change swimming.

Disclaimer: lots of science talk here... enjoy!

Today's proof that the world is awesome: +Wil Wheaton and +NASA share a birthday.   #Jealous  
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