I took a toy out of my cat's toy drawer and played with her. She got tired, so we stopped, and I just sat there reading on my Chromebook.

After a little while, she got up, jumped into the toy drawer, and dug out a second toy. So I put the first toy back and started playing with her with the second one.

Then she jumped into the toy drawer again and dug out the first toy. So we went back to that one.

Finally, she gave up on both toys, jumped into the toy drawer again, and settled in.

And that's why I love her.
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My cat does that on the kitchen towel drawers. We cannot use the towels without cat fur on it >< We tried al kind of tricks to try to lock the drawer, they always find a way around it.
tim hem
best solution to cats in drawers - get a dog instead
woof woof
What she wanted in the first place was to have the drawer to herself, so you give her all the attention that the toys seemed to be getting... ;3
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