Just as a reminder, I have a standing offer: if you believe the world will end in 2012, I'll give you $100 now in exchange for all your assets on January 1, 2013.

(Offer not valid if you have $100 of assets or less. :-)
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I see a loophole in this. You should have specified on the 21st, now you left it open for 10 days... oh wait that doesn't matter.
I usually try to do similar bets with people who throw money on lottery. (I give you $1k if you win, you give me $500 if you lose). But no one ever accepted it, which is confusing. Shouldn't people be confident that they'll win the lottery if they're betting on it in the first place?
when i play the lottery, i have zero expectation of winning.  for me, it's the easiest way to donate to fund education.  no form, no credit card, no postage stamp
The world was, in fact, supposed to end tomorrow.  But I intervened to save it.  When you wake up on December 22nd and realize that you are still here AND would like to express your appreciation for the world being spared, please mail your donations to me at...  "     ;-)
+Tim Campbell being here doesn't mean anything. If there's one thing we learned from Lost is that maybe we've been dead all along and didn't realize.
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