I had a lot of work to do today, as usual. I didn't do any of it. Instead, I took today off work to go downtown for the dedication of Ray Bradbury Square, just outside of the LA Public Library at the corner of Fifth and Flower streets. Given Bradbury's commitment to libraries, it was a fitting choice of location.

Speakers included a very entertaining +David Brin along with actor Joe Mantegna, who appeared in the stage and film versions of Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and was a close friend of the great writer.

The last speaker was Bradbury's biographer, most of whose speech was supposedly channeling Bradbury himself. It was charming and quite moving, and it ended with an admonishment to explore the library, which sounded like a good plan to me. I spent some time wandering its halls and of course paid homage to the Bradbury section. (Which is more extensive than shown here; the library was displaying most of his books outside at the dedication ceremony.)

I had a lot of work to do today. But if I'd done it, ten years from now I wouldn't remember a thing about any of it. I'll remember this, though, for damn sure. So I went. And I'm so glad I did.
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I wish I had known...I met him long ago. He came to speak at our school. I was in middle school at the time. I loved his stories. They were my escape from the pain and angst of my teenage life....thanks for going for me +Scott Maxwell 
But did you hack the Ingress portal there is the important question.
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