Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Opportunity!
Happy birthday to you!

Today, our younger twin girl is nine years into a ninety-day mission, and counting. <3
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GO Opportunity GO!
You guys should do a partnership with eveready or duracell... i'm sure they'd LOVE to give you moneys for reseach ;)
You build good rovers, I'll give you that. ;)
Now if only all technology lasted past its warrantee date like that.
+Scott Maxwell nope doesn't surprise me at all.. the downside to making phenomenal rovers like this is that they're gonna become expected so keep up the good work!
I still have a soft spot for spirit and opportunity and i keep hoping that magically a dust storm will come along and clean them up and they'll magically charge better and when we first set down on mars with humans the first mission will be to go give them a medal and a pat on the "head" :)
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