+Eric Idle was on Lab today, doing a bit for the fabulous BBC Stargazing show.  So naturally, a few of the other rover drivers and I barged into the ISIL, where he was getting an abbreviated Lab tour, and got our pictures taken with him.

He was lovely and generous with his time, even though he was in a huge hurry. And, in a moment that I'll be absurdly proud of for the rest of my life, I made him laugh.

Earlier, the BBC Stargazing folks had been teasing him about his Galaxy Song, which he wrote for the movie Monty Python's Meaning of Life. The song relates a bunch of statistics about the Milky Way -- but in the three decades since it was written, we've learned more about the galaxy, and some of his numbers are outdated now. Professor Brian Cox ended up rewriting the lyrics.

So when I shook his hand, I told him, "I thought the original version of your song was just fine." He laughed, and said, "Tell Brian Cox that, will you?"

Dude. I made Eric Idle laugh. Dude.
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Jealous. And I just watched bits of Meaning several times recently, including the galaxy song.
tim hem
you say you made him laugh.....
I say Ni
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