Near the entry to the Endeavour exhibit, the California Science Center had displays relating to the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions (lent from the Smithsonian, I think). Here, despite the reflections in the encasing Plexiglass, you can see the scarring on Gemini 11's heat shield.
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Tip for shooting an object inside a glass encasing without reflections: have the camera lens touch the glass surface, or put it as close to the surface as possible within millimeters of the surface.

In this particular case this wouldn't have helped much because the encasing is too close to the object. But when the encasing is much larger this simple technique can do wonders, as my photos of the inside of a Soyuz spacecraft show:

With the camera lens just a few centimeters away from the glass covering the hatche, it was pure reflection with no details visible at all.
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