The company that made the Chariot for the TV show Lost in Space went on to make real space stuff, including Mars Pathfinder's air bags.
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Ironically, the video clip is not the modified snow vehicle, but rather a large miniature, filmed out in the desert, that was used most of the time the Chariot was seen in motion.  Note the clever use of loosely-attached miniature people, which bounce around a bit, adding a great deal of realism to the vehicle.
Thiokol didn't make the air bags.  They made the gas generators that inflated the airbags.  The air bags were made by ILC Dover, which also makes NASA's spacesuits.
Lost in Space was a retched show in many ways, but it always had the best toys.  The Chariot, the Robot, the Jupiter 2.  The designs, and the execution of the props and standing sets, was wonderful.

I am an absolute sucker for a good space rover, and ironically, most of my favorite science fiction shows come up short in that department.  Star Trek had to wait until "Nemesis" to get a rather uninspired and implausible (what, the technology to make windshields has been lost?) dune buggy.  And all those years, and nobody even thought to at least shove a couple of dirt bikes through the Stargate?

Ah, give me a Chariot, or a "Damnation Alley" Landmaster, or an Ark II.
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