Am I missing something, or can you no longer properly share links from the newly redesigned Google+ interface? I mean, you can still share to it from other apps, but there's no button to add a link when composing a post. Surely I'm just missing something.
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Assuming you mean the Android app. Website still has the link button (though just copy and paste the link is just as easy IMO). Just tried copy and pasting a link in the app, it's not picked up as a link with a preview :(
Well the web-site it not so much re-designed, just upated/features added, you're right.
For a company born on links, they kinda don't get it in G+ mobile. My pet peeve is the inability to share the URL of a public post from the android app. Some of my friends might be on G+ if I'd been allowed to do this consistently (I rarely use the desktop version).
Jason, a few android apps are like that, and it bugs me, e.g. I can't share a link to a flickr picture without using "share" from the android flickr app, which means I share it so a site/tool that's integrated, or I email it to someone in that specific contact list, only.
Scott, I usually just paste in a URL, I'm not picturing buttons for adding links, so I haven't noticed.
+Mattias Isegran Bergander The "features added" thing reminds me that here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there's an old volkswagen beetle car with the custom license plate "FEATURE." This is only slightly amusing if you remember we call old VW Beetles "VW Bugs."
Funny, it works on my iPad (which it didn't before). Tap the green "write" button on the bottom, a post area comes up and there is a link button.
Only on Google+: I get to talk with the Mars Rover Driver Team Lead about a missing feature in the android Google+ app and have the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google come and tell us that it will be fixed. That's in addition to all the great Google +Android Developers around here. Thank you all +Vic Gundotra +Scott Maxwell and others for making G+ such a great place.
What +Vic Gundotra said - we're working on getting it in the next Android update (G+ iOS team beat them to it)...
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