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It ain't to most of us who are not government employees, but too those in government it is.  These sexual indiscretions can be encouraged subtly and used to remove someone for political reasons, although it may not have happened here.  
Anyone with a TS clearance gives up those rights.
If the director of the CIA is able to hide for quite some time an extramarital affair, doesn't it mean that he knows how to no divulge information even to his closest ones? In other words, isn't this proof he  can be trusted to deal with high clearance information?
+Shawn Renner , I disagree. The story was not discovered by his closest ones, but only following an investigation by the FBI. My point was that this affair is a proof that he could hide information from people surrounding him all the time. Although, as you rightly said, we wouldn't be talking about this if he were able to covert it up to the FBI et al.
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