Other random pictures from my visit to Endeavour yesterday. Hint: if you're thinking of going yourself, buy tickets online a few days in advance! I wrongly thought I'd just sail in and out, but there was a huge line and then a wait of nearly three hours before I could go in. I'm happy it's so popular, but learn from my mistake!
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nice pics. Have you seen the space shuttle before?
+Arnav Kalra I saw a launch when I was a kid, and I went with my girlfriend to see it being driven through the LA streets a few weeks back.

It's dingier in person than I thought -- but, as someone pointed out to me, when I have 123 million miles on me, I won't look so good, either. :-)
Nice. I saw the one  in the Smithsonian-Udvar Hazy a couple of months ago (images in my stream and in my gallery). Awesome!
Closest I got to a launch was 90 miles to the north, right on the beach.  I've seen a few from that spot.  The amazing part is that after it is way up there and vanishing away to the northeast, THEN the sound hits you.  From 90 miles away.
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