You know how old people seem to drive slowly? What if we're actually seeing the end product of a Darwinian-like selection, where young fast drivers preferentially die off (likely in car accidents), leaving only the ones who drive slowly -- carefully -- to age?

I think I'll drive a little more slowly now, just in case. :-)
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Haha. What if a young driver bumped into you as you're driving slowly. 
I find that trying the speed limit causes me less stress.
I can sometimes keep it up for a whole week at a time.
I dunno. My grandma was a speed demon. We called her "lead foot."
Well, I'm not old (really!), but I've slowed down because my reflexes have slowed down. I'm not dumb. ;)

And my grandma used to drive like a bat outta hell, too. Of course, she wasn't much older than I am now when she was doing that. That's depressing, come to think of it.
+Randy W. Weeks mine slowed down in her 80s. Her eyes started to go (macular degeneration). When we were little, we'd actively encourage her. Zoom, grandma, zoom!

She used to "draft" behind 18 wheelers.
My theory is that it has nothing to do with longevity, and everything to do with mileage. Every person has a set number of miles (variable based on genetic traits) that they can drive. Those who drive faster of course use up their mileage sooner. Therefore, the old slowpokes are still working on their quota, while the others sit at home and watch whichever game show Drew Carey is hosting at the time.
I've decided that the reason that old guys drive slowly is because they have their wife in the car.
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