My dad was a lifelong neophile (he loved new things), so we had one of the first home computers available in the US, a Timex/Sinclair 1000. It had 2 KB of RAM -- two kilobytes, about enough for a book page or two. My dad soon sprung for the 16 KB external RAM expansion, which you had better affix to the main unit with a big rubber band if you didn't want it to wobble loose and destroy an afternoon's work.

I would later have a variety of other computers, most prominently the Commodore 64 (64 KB RAM). I lusted after, and eventually got, the Commodore 128 -- yes, 128 KB RAM.

The new iPad, it occurred to me -- I mean the 128 GB model they just announced -- has a million times as much storage as that Commodore 128. And it's in color, slimmer than a magazine, and runs all day on a battery. I love living in the future.

(OK, for the picky among you: yes, I'm deliberately conflating different types of storage. I was just struck by the number. Strictly speaking, the new iPad has "only" 8,192 times as much RAM as my C-128 and "only" 800,000 times as much nonvolatile storage as my Commodore 1541 disk drive. I still love living in the future.)
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