+Kimberly Lichtenberg and I are going to see +William Shatner in his one-man show, "Shatner's World," tonight. If he bellows "Khaaaaaan!" at any point, my life is complete.

In related news, I've attached a picture of something Kim got me for Christmas -- a little something for my car. May you all find a little Shatner in your world tonight.
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:/... Yeah, so when that movie came out, every one thought it was the funniest thing to yell out, "Kwwwaaaann". So yeah, I have mixed feelings :/
Hi Scott - so how was it?  I bet it was great...
+Jeff Biesiadecki Shatnerrific! But you knew I was going to say that.

He seemed to be a little breathless and rushed during the first half, but then he seemed to make himself calm down and pace the show a little better. The whole thing was awesome, though -- he's a showman, all right.
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