Apparently, today is World Cancer Day. Just to be clear, please do not celebrate by getting cancer.
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Once at the grocery store they asked me if I'd like to donate for cancer.  I said "No!  I'm against cancer!"
There is a huge anti-cancer section here: Like all serious diseases, this one is better avoided than treated.
Thank you Scott for posting, sadly this disease has taken two members of my family, my Aunt in 2011 and my Dad in 2008. Lets defeat this before it touches anyone else. 
A far lesser, but nevertheless intriguing benefit of a cure for cancer is that we would then be able to safely travel to Mars and back.
I worked on a cancer project in my drug discovery life.  Small skirmishes are being fought and won, but a drastic change will be needed to really win the war on cancer.  Was proud that the primary molecule (I was leading part of the effort developing the backup) was selected to be used in a combination with another company's molecule at the preclinical stage.  This is an example of the paradigm shift that needs to happen.
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