More tales from the trenches ....

The main reason I have my rover-driving job is that I wrote a key component of our rover-driving software suite. (That suite is RSVP, the Rover Sequencing and Visualization Program; my part is RoSE, the Rover Sequence Editor.) Way back in 2003, I had a good idea: it would be nice if RoSE auto-saved your work at regular intervals (by default, five minutes). That way, if it ever crashed or you made a massive mistake or something, you'd have a recent copy of the file to recover from.

Today, almost a decade later, that feature saved me for the very first time ever.

I had opened the drive sequence on one machine, then moved into the adjoining room to continue working on it during a meeting. While making minor touch-ups and tweaks, I also corrected some small but real problems with the sequence. The meeting finished, I saved and closed my work, and I returned to the first room ...

... where I promptly saved the older version of the sequence I had open there, thus overwriting all the changes I'd just made.

I was horrified for a few seconds. And then I remembered autosave. I dropped into the file system, found the autosaved copy of the file from the machine in the adjoining room, and copied it into the sequence development directory. In less than a minute, I'd recovered more than an hour's worth of work.

I've seen autosave pull other people's fat out of the fire, but this was the first time it's happened to me. Did I feel smart? Did I feel like I have foresight?

Yes. Yes, you could say that. Yes, I did.
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