My volume is about 72.5 liters. So now you know that about me.
#BAFact: Your volume in cubic cm is roughly your mass in grams, because your density is about the same as water.

Humans have about the same density as water - that's why we can both easily float and dive! So if you want to know your volume, it's easy: take your weight off the scale in pounds, multiply by 454 (the number of grams in a pound - it might be easier to divide by 2.2 to get your mass in kilograms and then multiply by 1000), and that's your volume.

I weigh about 170 punds. That's about 77 kilos, or 77,000 grams. So my volume is 77,000 cubic centimeters! Or in a better unit: 77 liters. That's roughly 20 gallons, or 2 bushels, or 0.3 hogsheads, or 8.5 pecks.

Math ad science are fun!
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