The White House petition system is generally bogus -- I don't know of a single case in which it has ever influenced policy. (Though if there are some, I'd love to hear about them!) Having said that, this is easily the very best petition response ever.
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I don't know that people really think that's the end goal of this. Just knowing the different thoughts, different ideas, and different ways of tackling the same problem is what I believe this is good for.

These people are in such a bubble that getting this information to them in bulk (rather than emails to congressman, senators, and the president) allows easier compartmentalism of what is trying to be conveyed. That was one of the fundamental problems with the occupy movement, there wasn't a unified set of ideas or suggestions. It was just individuals stating their own issues.

The more we can make it easier for those idiots in Washington to understand what we are trying to have done the better off we will all be.

Just look at it as a presentation you do to your company's leadership.
The White House is getting brilliant PR from this (on social media anyway). But I have to wonder Scott if its given some cover for their lack of direction for space research?
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