MSL finds that the radiation levels on Mars probably wouldn't kill you. A step in the right direction!
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It sounds like the phrase "could survive" that is used in the title and the article has the same connotation as when used in the sentence, "One could survive being trampled and gored by an angry bull." But, as in running with the bulls, it would totally be worth the risk!
That's encouraging. I wonder what the accumulated levels are like for long term health risks. 
OK, so now what do we do about all those books and webpages that state with all certainty that Mars is extremely radioactive and that nobody could survive there? What do we do about all the conversations I ever had where I repeated that information, thinking I knew something about that?

So it was all another of those things that we don't really know, but some people make their guesses, and then the guesses are elevated to facts in the name of "popularization of science", until someone finally make actual good measurements, and find out what the real-truth is? What other facts about planetary science should I start to be suspicious about now? Is Mars even red?
The first piece of survival gear to send to Mars is a bulldozer.   To construct the underground habitats.
Sorry for freaking out but I work with probability applied to AI, and we are used to know very wall what we don't know!
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