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Scott “marsroverdriver” Maxwell
I'm a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory.
I'm a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory.

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Oh, man. So now we know the (back)story of Andy's dad in Toy Story. Oh, man.

I once saw John Lasseter and a bunch of other folks from the Pixar team speak about all the thought and care that went into this movie, and I am not the least bit surprised at the level of detail here.

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It's always best to test your laser-firing AI on Mars first, and only then install it here on Earth.

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So here's a useful thing to know if you have to deal with neurotypical types, apparently. I didn't know it.

Via +Andres Soolo​.
This is so true I can't PLUS it enough
absorb it, share it among the ASD/NTs in your life

It is dealing with miscommunications like this that taught me so deeply how badly people can miscommunicate when no one at all is seeking to offend the other person.

Aspies and others, men and women, minorities and non-minorities, colonial imports and indigenous peoples, Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Labour -- all of these are typified in this exchange, in terms of the sort of signal crossing that happens daily.

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Any way you slice it, SpaceX has already had quite an impressive year: landing a rocket and reusing it is a genuinely historic accomplishment. And they're not stopping there, as this article details.

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Thinking about NASA's new astronaut class, I realized I have about as much hope that NASA will send even one of them to Mars as I have that the Mars One project (remember that?) will -- i.e., no hope at all.

And that's a dreadful shame. These talented, smart, accomplished folks deserve better. 

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I expect that the Morbid Curiosity rover would benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy.
Scientists say they dread even having to look at each new message the Morbid Curiosity Rover transmits the 33.9 million miles back to Earth.

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SLS is not a rocket, it's a jobs program. As a jobs program, it's fine. As a rocket, I have little hope for it.

Its real name is the Space Launch System, but not for nothing is it sarcastically dubbed the "Senate Launch System."

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Titan's nice. Mars is nice. Venus's upper atmosphere (not the surface!) is nice. But the big point here is: there are so many places we can go, if we just look outward instead of inward.

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If your AI is smart enough to handle random spacecraft anomalies, it's not clear why you need humans aboard. (Mind you, I'm a huge booster of humans in space. But I'm clear-eyed enough to see that this further undercuts the rationale.)
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