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Our Diaspora game continues; we finished our third session last week and are preparing our fourth for next Saturday. It's been wiki-fied; feel free to look whatever is appealing. The equipment page may be generally useful; it has a bunch of T1 weapons. Ship data has the character's ship and the generic civilian version it's based on.


We made a cluster over the weekend. This is one of the worlds that resulted.

Arbor (T-1, E-1, R+2)
"A tectonically tired swamp world"
"Iron winds smooth beautiful steelwood structures"
"Steelwood sap is necessary for slipdrive manufacture... though the locals don't know that."
Links to: Mumun, New Detroit, Zebron

On Arbor, iron laden streamers of wind of swirl overhead--streaks of red in an orange-pink sky. A warm and brackish marsh clings to the water near the poles, offering the world’s sole relief from the barren salt-rust hummocks peeking out from the calm pink hued oceans. From the marshes grow immense staelwool trees--hundreds of meters across and growing as high as 50 meters. Villages are built into and upon these immense trees, protected from the scouring iron winds by powerful magnetic fields powered by atomic generators buried in the shallow mud at the roots of the staelwool trees. Mangroves grow thickly between the staelwool villages.

About twenty million people call Arbor home. Most politics is handled at the village level, but Terku and Vaṭakku are the nations at each pole. Flight is absent, due to the abrasive winds--except for frequently descending dropships from off world seeking staelwool sculptures, furniture, and other crafts. The swamps and rich pink sea fill the world’s dinner tables. Staelwool sided hovercraft and fishing ships trawl mangroves for crabfish, ablone, and near-shrimp; deeper waters offer boundless large fish and kelpish, a vegetable base for most meals.

Most offworld traffic visits Nadu on the southern continent; a pourform starport from before the last collapse offers the services and ship connections that spacers expect. The art market buzzes with activity; a variety of staelwool sculptures sell briskly. This is more due to the properties of staelwool and its primacy in forming stable slipmatrixes for interstellar travel than the artistic merit of the artwork--though many ship designs prominently display the sculptures.

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Fan submission!

I'm going to be running Camp X [from Volume 2, Issue 3] at our upcoming minicon. I created some character blocks for the scenario--they're linked. (The characters are strongly inspired by the three pre-gens, though I did wind up altering a few aspects to fit the block version of characters.) [Character blocks are described here: ]

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I've got a post up today about a quick method of character assembly, largely intended for con slots. My first example is of characters for Dark Star, including a few new pilots (in blocks). Enjoy!

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I've got a post up today about a quick method of character assembly, largely intended for con slots. Enjoy!

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I joined my friend Josh on his Mighty Meep podcast last night. We talked good... actually, it was a good conversation about Kublacon (and its shuffler), Free RPG  Day roleplaying games (I babbled about Darkstar and Spirit of the Century), and Wrath of the Righteous for the Pathfinder Card Game.

I'm running Dark Star on Saturday at our local mini-con. Fingers crossed!

Dark Star is from Volume 1, Issue 2, by Mark.

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Atomic Robo keeps chugging along! This post has a con scenario that you can steal, which is always nice.

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