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I'm off to the liquor store.  Anybody need anything?
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Pint of CR would be nice!
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_CEO Brian Kelley says he's listening to consumers and is ready to make changes. The biggest frustration for customers is that the 2.0 model only brews Keurig branded coffee cups.
"Quite honestly, we were wrong. We underestimated the passion the consumer had for this," Kelley told analysts on a call Wednesday evening._

Allow me to translate.  "We (+Keurig) thought we could get away with treating our customers like idiots."

Did anyone out there not see this coming?
Sales of the Keurig 2.0 continue to disappoint. Investors are starting to flee. The stock dropped 12% Wednesday after earnings.
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I'm trying to wean myself off sports, it's too time consuming. I don't watch football anymore, I gave that up. I got tired of the interviews after the games, because the winning players always give credit to God, and the losers blame themselves. You know, just once I'd like to hear a player say, 'Yeah, we were in the game, until Jesus made me fumble. He hates our team.' - Jeff Stilson, comedian 
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Has college basketball started yet this year?
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If you'll read down through the comments, you'll see one from +Alan Zeni Jr.:
"...The reason I told you to back up your data is because your difficulties suggest that you are being report-flooded. This happens when an organized group of people target everything you do..."

And a bit further down, we see this from +Ihab A:
"Ok, it is official. I can't post..."

Would +Google+ care to comment?  Of course, they wouldn't.
Google isn't playing fair.
I used to be proud of Google and its freedom of expression, thought, and diversity. Google has proved to me today that they became much like Facebook.

The entire Episode 56 of the Islamic Failure Series was deleted from G+ and not only, it was also deleted from the profile of those who reshared it!

It was reshared by at least 4 people, and several people commented. All gone. Google isn't fair anymore

This is the original link
56: Islamic Failure Series - Episode 56 - Muhammad split the Moon

59 comments on original post
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Ihab A
+Dee Minor
Maybe... Anyway thanks for the input. I'll get couple of days G+ vacation and see if things work out fine.
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Shield your eyes. These gams haven't seen daylight in months!

#30daysofbiking day 1.

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Sponsored by tipex.....
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They should get Volvo involved.
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This just showed up in my stream.  As far as I can tell, no one in my circles plus one'd it or commented on it.  I'm certainly not a member of a stupid car community.  What's up with this, +Google+?
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That's being too extravagant. However some of us just end up driving such a 'posh' in our dreams. 
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Whenever children need to cross the street, Stop Lady* is there!

*Stop Lady is +Brook Lauer's not-so-secret alter ego.
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Stop Lady can help me cross the street any time. 
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That is a thing of beauty.
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+Andy O Oh I know. They had still damn well better be filled with some form of whiskey, as I stated. ;)
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I did, in fact, mute your political rants, animated GIFs (pronounced with a soft g), and reposted posts requesting reposting.
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+Tim Smith you had me at bukkake.
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  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
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Circling the drain since 1975.
I like to ride bikes - the pedal-y kind and the motor-y.  I used to take a lot of pictures, but digital imaging isn't my thing and there's not enough money for bicycles _and_ motorcycles _and_ slide processing.

My politics are most easily described by Classical Liberalism and my religion by Secular Humanism.

Please feel free to add me to circles related to: 
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Just a note.  I don't generally circle anyone who doesn't have at least a little information on their "about" page.  *A photo and a brief introduction are the bare minimum.*  Recently, quite a few folks have been adding me to their circles.  I'm humbled and grateful.  But I've had over 6,000 circle adds in less than 6 weeks, and it's more than I have time to manage.  The best way to get circled back is to interact.  Or make sure there's a bike or camera in your profile photo.  That'll do the trick, too.  :)

Don't bother circling me if:
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  • Your G+ profile is little more than an attempt to funnel traffic to your facespace/tweeter/instaroid/lumpedin page.
  • You think "inbox" is a verb.
  • You've ever worn a spray-on tan.
Bragging rights
2 little girls who are both prettier and smarter than yours. Resident of Ferguson, MO from 1998-2005. Was present on May 6, 1992 at Westminster College when Mikhail Gorbachev delivered his speech "The River of Time and the Imperative of Action".
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