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*StarCraft Fan Boy Warning*

I signed on and literally Squee'd when I saw that the trailer for expansion of StarCraft II is now out. It's unbelievably epic! SC2: Heart of the Swarm is slated for release on 12 March, 2013 and boy, I can't wait. Though I'll probably have to wait until the summer to actually have any time to play it. 

Who else is excited about Heart of the Swarm?

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The trailer looks really cool, but I do wish game trailers would show more about game-play.

Going to confess something here:  I was going to buy SC2, but far too many people I knew said they finished the game within less than a week, and I haven't heard any great reviews from anyone I know.  What did you like about the game, Scott?

I liked SC1, so wanted to be excited about SC2, as well.
+Tara Mulder Well I loved the original StarCraft and its expansion Brood War from the 90s, so I was super excited to be able to play a highly polished sequel. They did a fantastic job in expanding on the story, using many things that were just not technically possible back in the 90s.

That being said, the single player campaign is fairly short, especially compared to playing the original. However, there are lots of interesting plot devices that they have used to where you are able to see the storyline from different points of view.

It's quite apparent to me that the focus for the game is for online multiplayer, and I did play a bit of that when I first got it. I was far less infuriated at playing on than I was when playing the original. It is very balanced and works at not only building your skills, but teaming you up with/against players of very similar skills. 
Hmm.  I'll consider it.  Meanwhile, I found my original SC and Brood War CDs back from when it was released.  Maybe I should see if they still work!
Even if the CD's don't work, I believe you can download the installers from and use your key that's on the jewel case.
I lied. Only Diablo II is available as an installer. Better hope those discs aren't scratched! Then make an iso backup of them just in case! :)
Oh, I take wonderful care of these kinds of things.  The only way they're scratched is if somebody snuck into my room sometime in the past twenty fifteen years or so and scratched them.  Even so, I'm now compelled to test that right now.
Installed and working.  Somehow, I remember it taking more than 4 seconds to install, back then.  Also loving from the CD paper insert, "Coming soon:  Diablo II"
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