[+] NASA = Now Another Sequestration Amputee?? [+]

I was originally going to share out the original article I found, thanks to +Jason Major, but decided it would be much more appropriate if I quoted the memo from SpaceRef.com stating that all Education & Public Outreach is to immediately cease in response to sequestration. 

This is something that hits extremely close to home, and not just because I may not have a position this summer as a result of this. +NASA's Education & Public Outreach is something that opens the eyes of thousands, if not millions of people to the magnificence of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Having participated in E/PO quite recently, I was absolutely astounded by how inspired I was by the young children that were so eager to not only look at the large model of the +NASA Webb Telescope, but insistent upon learning more about the science being done.

To defund education portion of an agency that has spent nearly 55 years inspiring people of all ages to dream of their connection to the cosmos, and to be able to actually learn, study and explore it is, in my opinion, cultural suicide. We have the opportunity to reach people from all backgrounds, ways of life, locations, education and passion, to spark their curiosity and lead them down a journey of wonder. Removing this spark will cause so many dreams to never even start, let alone to be realized. 

Campaigns like +Penny4NASA and others have been doing so much work to try to instill the gravity of our situation. We may lose our place in the solar system if we do not plant the seeds of knowledge into future generations. We cannot explore the Universe if nobody is concerned about our place in it in the first place. 

I do not typically write things like this, or make requests along these lines, but if you have any spare time at all, please write your representatives from Congress and let them know just how important NASA is to you. Let them know that though it's labeled under the budget as "non-mandatory spending",  programs like the National Science Foundation and NASA are not something that should be looked upon as trivial, easily replaceable, and to be thrown out because of poor planning by Congressional budgetary committees. This is our future. This is our Cosmos. This is our opportunity to learn about who we are and what our place is in this magnificently beautiful and immensely large Universe. 

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