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[+] NASA = Now Another Sequestration Amputee?? [+]

I was originally going to share out the original article I found, thanks to +Jason Major, but decided it would be much more appropriate if I quoted the memo from stating that all Education & Public Outreach is to immediately cease in response to sequestration. 

This is something that hits extremely close to home, and not just because I may not have a position this summer as a result of this. +NASA's Education & Public Outreach is something that opens the eyes of thousands, if not millions of people to the magnificence of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Having participated in E/PO quite recently, I was absolutely astounded by how inspired I was by the young children that were so eager to not only look at the large model of the +NASA Webb Telescope, but insistent upon learning more about the science being done.

To defund education portion of an agency that has spent nearly 55 years inspiring people of all ages to dream of their connection to the cosmos, and to be able to actually learn, study and explore it is, in my opinion, cultural suicide. We have the opportunity to reach people from all backgrounds, ways of life, locations, education and passion, to spark their curiosity and lead them down a journey of wonder. Removing this spark will cause so many dreams to never even start, let alone to be realized. 

Campaigns like +Penny4NASA and others have been doing so much work to try to instill the gravity of our situation. We may lose our place in the solar system if we do not plant the seeds of knowledge into future generations. We cannot explore the Universe if nobody is concerned about our place in it in the first place. 

I do not typically write things like this, or make requests along these lines, but if you have any spare time at all, please write your representatives from Congress and let them know just how important NASA is to you. Let them know that though it's labeled under the budget as "non-mandatory spending",  programs like the National Science Foundation and NASA are not something that should be looked upon as trivial, easily replaceable, and to be thrown out because of poor planning by Congressional budgetary committees. This is our future. This is our Cosmos. This is our opportunity to learn about who we are and what our place is in this magnificently beautiful and immensely large Universe. 

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Thank you +Erin Kane. I appreciate the sympathy and the sharing of articles out on your stream. Any raised awareness on this is greatly appreciated. 
Robert S.
If sequestration doesn't actually lower the amount of money the President has to spend, just the growth, then why is anyone getting laid off or furloughed?

I mean, if NASA has $100 today then sequestration says NASA will have $105 tomorrow instead of $108. There are no real cuts. 
That really blows. I wish I had an answer for some of the stupid things our country does when it comes to science and education.
I'm going to write my Congresswoman and Senators. That is the least I can do.  
I'm going to explain this to Peo as best as I can and see if she'd like to write a letter.  During the election we made it clear to her that even though she's too young to vote, these people are her representatives as much as anyone else's and talked about possibly writing to them someday.

We won't change our congressman's mind on anything.  He's Lamar SOPA Smith and useless except when he's being horribly evil.  But pressure from us constituents has worked on Cornyn before.  I have little hope of Ted Cruz giving a flying frig (he probably loves the sequestration) but we'll do what we can.
PS Which is all kind of a way of saying "I'll try but I live in dumbfuck Texas so forgive my lack of usefulness in advance..."
+Morris Buel no we won't go bankrupt.  The U.S. can never become insolvent  The sequestration is stupid and I'm disappointed that it is affecting the NASA education and outreach program negatively.  Cutting services/programs while we have high unemployment is crazy dumb.
This is not what the sequester was about. We can't let our government cut programs that are actually useful when there is so much waste and graft still there. Write Congress and the President. Tell them they are doing it wrong.
Sequester is an excuse for layoffs, furloughers, programs of usefulness and social security cuts. Thanks democrates for scare tactics and excuse to layoff people. Education is priceless hope we don't follow this destructive path we are on. Ingnorance thrives on capital hill.
love the name NASA = Now Another Sequestration Amputee :)
It's ridiculous.

There is so much waste in government.  Remember the General Services Administration's Las Vegas gala and renting of premium hotel suites a year or so ago?  They can't cut stuff like that?  Please.

What's happening here is the Obama administration and its bureaucrats are cutting the budget so as to inflict as much pain as possible on the public and not themselves.  Exhibit A is the Obama's cancellation of White House tours (which, by the way, didn't actually save any money because those salaries are still being paid).  Pure BS politics.

Personally I LOVE these cuts even if they are made stupidly.  As a nation we have got to get Washington's spending under control.  They will spend all of us into insolvency and ruin if we let them.

Remember, Washington is supposed to work for the people, not the other way around.
Well why not start with the "War on Drugs"? The budget equals the one of NASA. And it produces zero result.
+Ales Pickar the "war on drugs" is doing exactly what it was intended to do—fill the for-profit prisons with a cheap slave-labor workforce to undermine the influence of unions.
+Jon Richardson Congress, per se, is not, but everyone in Congress knows they are just passing through, and will need jobs after they lose re-election.  Also, the placement of for-profit prisons is a kind of pork for their local constituents  (who are not the people that voted for them, but the stockholders of CCA).
If I were King of America, I'd make the the entire federal budget a function of NASA's budget. 
Lance G
This is manufactured BS. Decreasing an increase is not cutting. NASA will get more money this year than last year.

Sequester was merely a 2% cut in growth. Now, there could have been a better way to go about it, but sequestration was the White House's idea. 
I will write a letter for Nasa sure
+Scott Lewis the sad fact is that it may be too late to now write your congressmen and congresswomen, but it can't hurt.  We need to take more concrete action.  Something that really gets their attention.  I for one will not vote for a sitting incumbent, no matter the flavor of political party.  It is time we set our own term limits on these ineffectual power mongers.

I do empathize with everyone effected by the cuts to outreach and education that +NASA is proposing.  I do however find it ironic that this is the catalyst that appears to spur some who would otherwise not take action, namely the scientific community.  Sequestration has been a reality for me and many others for quite some time and much of what I have heard regarding our plight has been negative views of government employees and programs.  It appears that this particular government program has struck the right nerve.  Hopefully we all remember this when the next election comes.
NASA, like every Federal entity,  is clearly getting less money than they expected and budgeted for, due to the sequester. No doubt this removes NASA's funding for many FIRST Robotics teams that it has funded in the past. While I'm here I'll give a shoutout and kudos to Dean Kamen and Will.I.Am for creating and being such a big supporter, respectively, for FIRST.
If anyone loses their jobs or a program gets cut blame the President. The Congress has not cut the funding to any program. Congress has nothing to do with NASA cutting its education programs. It's all the President's doing. Obama doesn't want NASA to have an education system. It's plain as day. NASA has the same or more money to spend on education this year as it did last year. There is no cut. 

The only logical conclusion is that Obama doesn't want NASA involved in education so he cut it himself. Not due to money reasons, but for some political gain.
How about we all just agree to transition to completely peaceful and voluntary funding of space exploration etc?  Then we won't be beholden to politicians to make 'appropriate' decisions regarding who should get what proportion of funds extracted from the taxpayers.  
Lance G
Thanks for the links +Jon Richardson . Looks like NASA's budget has increased every year all the way through 2011. For 2012 and 2013 however it looks like they will be at 2009 spending levels.

God help them. _sarc_
I hate this!!! I think NASA actually does have a very useful program for both education community and the science community. I have visited both the Cape Canaveral site in Fort Myers, FL and the Houston, TX facility. Both times observed that there were a lot of school children there on field trips and even noticed some brochures for Space Exploration Camp that I assume they are a sponsor or somehow involved in during the summer months.

 I really hate that they are not leaving anything that helps to cultivate and nurture minds for the next generation. With the United States' children lagging so far behind other countries in Math and Science, I hate to see a program that promotes these subjects specifically go under the axe.

 I will see what I can do as far writing or calling my Senator and Congressperson. I just hate to see something as educationally valuable as NASA become a pawn in this latest game of budget cutbacks!!!!  
+Morris Buel The tax breaks implemented by the Bush administration is part of what has gotten us into this mess. This isn't my opinion either, it's the opinion of many Economists. President Obama pushed for Sequestration in order to force both sides of Congress to the bargaining table because they have been in a stalemate for over four years. Neither side wants to give...and why is that??? Well because they are all more worried about being reelected than about doing what's best for our country. We need term limits for congress and election reform. No special interest funding for elections, and no TV ads funded by other than the campaign of the person running for office. It's time to level the playing field and put our Congress back to work for us, rather than themselves!
Lance G
+Pamela MF pure fiction Ma'am. In Jan 2007 when Nancy Pelosi was handed the speaker's gavel, she was also given a very manageable $161b dollar deficit. The remaining two years after, San Fran Nan and the Democrat Congress went on a spending spree. Bush indeed signed her spending binge bills.

Revenues were flying in though. But remember, deficits are a matter of tax policy and spending policy. 
We will not be having a political debate on my stream. I am not locking the comments on this post yet, however if everyone cannot keep this conversation on topic: NASA's Education & Public Outreach being cut, then I will lock the comments on this thread. 

For those of you who are confused, yes, many E/PO programs for NASA are being zeroed out. Arguing about fiscal policy and how budgets work in the government does not change this fact. It really blows my mind when people get so brazen with their attacks on program funding, when they're really talking about attacking the careers of people who love inspiring others

Thank you all for your comments, your shares, and your support. Please keep the rest of the conversation on topic. 

+Jon Richardson You're wrong. The millionaires aren't getting any money from the federal government. I don't know why so many people believe this. A tax deduction does not equal the government giving them money.
Bombs are more important than education I,m afraid, 
If we had better education on a global scale, we wouldn't need so many bombs.  That's not even hippie-dippie wishful thinking.  That's science.
Education leads to better bomb deterrence whether through technology or diplomacy.
Even Forrest Gump knew, "stupid is as stupid does". We need better education.
Of all the things we could cut spending to NASA should NOT be one. I'm not just saying that because I live here on the Space Coast (and the hatchet job done on NASA has killed our local economy), but because I still believe that our future depends in large part on space exploration and the boost in technology and knowledge we get from such ventures.Things like the Hubble Telescope (and soon the James Webb Telescope!) are important to humanity as a whole. We need these programs and the many others like them.
Sequestration is bullshit politics. Stop with this sky is falling nonsense
It's a lot easier to measure the rate at which the sky is falling or not, or what the sky actually is comprised of in general, if we fund the NASA satellites that track and record such things.
This is what happens when both Congress and the President doesn't do their jobs . Both party's are responsible but I do however blame a leaderless President and Senate the most