*Somewhere out there, we can find a planet to sustain astronomical exploration*

I have seen so many initiatives out there attempting to raise awareness about the desperate need for funding for NASA and various other scientific research programs. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be high on the priority list for the vast majority of Americans, but more importantly, those that represent us in Congress. I even took part in a nation-wide bake sale last year at La Canada High School, just down the road from +NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where we figured we might as well do what we can to show just how imperative our need for space exploration is. Yes. We held a bake sale.

Sound silly? Of course it's silly! It's a bake sale for crying out loud! However, when we look around us and see countless millions being spent on the most trivial things, it becomes too easy to get exasperated and do silly things like sell cupcakes and beg people to care about understanding our universe. 

My question to you is: What has +NASA done that gets you excited about our future? 

One of the many, many, things that excite me is the successor to the +Hubble Space Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope. Where Hubble is the size of a bus, JWST is the size of a tennis court and will be able to show us parts of the Universe we've never been able to see!

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