What are your thoughts about Science and its presence on Google+?

+Chris Robinson has started a really great thread on his profile asking questions about the present state of science on Google+ and what we (all users) would like to see it turn into. 

Please take some time to leave a comment here or on his original post. We at +Science on Google+: A Public Database, along with some fantastic people from Google are working together to make Science on +Google+ even better!

Thanks everyone!
Hey Science Community. Can I get your feedback on a couple of issues? Thanks in advance!

1) What are your thoughts on the science community here on G+ (e.g., superb, no interaction, fragmented, etc.)? Please try to make a distinction between the general science community (e.g., quality of interactions across disciplines) and more specific science communities (e.g., how strong is the physics community?, astronomy community?, etc.).

2) Which disciplines (science only please) would you like to see grow on Google+?

3) What can Google+ do to help the science community grow (e.g., advances in hardware/software, add a science category to the Suggested User List, etc.)?

4) Are there any science superstars you would like to see join Google+ or do an on air hangout?

Thanks again for your comments!
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