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"Make the World Better (Ask if Anyone Minds Later)"

As many of you know, +Pamela Gay gave a wonderful talk at #TAM2012   last month. She initially posted the transcript to be read until the video came out, which you can find here:

Well the day has arrived. Here is Pamela's talk in video. 

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Thanks so much for posting this. Ever since I read the transcript I've been waiting to get the video!
+Allan Thompson You are very welcome! I had the privilege to see this in person, but seeing it in video form is the next closest thing. It's not an easy talk to watch, but it is very important. 

We have the ability to do amazing things. We have the ability to stop harassment. Let's do remarkable things just because we have the ability to!! 
Shared to facebook, where you are more likely to find trolls...  Thank you for posting this.
Don't forget that the boy from BSG and TNS also played a boy named Harry Potter... in 1986. :)
Looks like she had a happy childhood.  I like her.
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