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M82 - The Cigar Galaxy

Here's one of the images I've been working on lately. There will be more to come, but would love to hear what you all think of having images similar to these for a series?

This was made for 2880x1800 displays with high pixel density, but will be making 16:9 aspect ratios as well. 

#M82   #Space   #Photoshop   #SpacePorn  
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I am not good at this
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How are amateur astronomers aiding research with Hubble?

Join us in 90 minutes as +Tony Darnell, +Carol Christian and I host the newest #HubbleHangout

Today's topic is on how citizen science is helping +Hubble Space Telescope astronomers dig into the science of white dwarfs and type Ia supernovas. 

#Space   #Astronomy   #Hubble   #ScienceEveryday   #HangoutsOnAir   #STEM  
Amateur astronomers have played a big role in astronomical research and the Hubble Space Telescope is not alone in enjoying the fruits of their labors.

When astronomers asked the question, Can white dwarfs in binary systems grow in mass? Amateurs were on hand to help guide Hubble to the best observations.

Understanding whether white dwarfs can gain mass is important, especially since they are the sources of a very important cosmic yardstick: Type 1a supernovae.  These supernovae were directly responsible for showing us that the universe is expanding and accelerating - which meant that it also gave rise to the idea of dark energy.

But making these observations of white dwarfs in order to see if they were gaining mass was tricky and older, rejected theories that cataclysmic variables might be the progenitors of Type 1a supernovae were being revisited.

Please join +Tony Darnell, +Carol Christian and +Scott Lewis as they discuss this very interesting Pro/Amateur collaboration using the Hubble Space Telescope to better understand Type 1a supernovae, white dwarf stars and cataclysmic variables.

Please bring your questions and comments and we'll address them during the hangout as well!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Hubble Space Telescope. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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With this amazing news, who's your favorite character?!

#HomestarRunner   #Homsar   #Strongbad   #TeenGirlSquad  
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+Scott Lewis +Thad Szabo it hit reddit a few weeks ago and there were already some new updates!
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Scott Lewis

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We're live! Come celebrate with us! 
We've reached an important milestone this week: 100,000 subscribers to the Deep Astronomy YouTube channel and to celebrate, we're going to hold our first Deep Astronomy Hangout with +Tony Darnell.

This inaugural hangout will feature +Carolyn Collins Petersen, an outstanding author and science communicator (not to mention a long time friend) who has just written a book entitled 'Astronomy 101' available on Amazon in the link below.  She is also very knowledgable about Hubble (she has written a book and a planetarium show about it) and all things astronomy so our first hangout promises to be a great one, hope you can watch!

Also to help celebrate will be +Scott Lewis and +Ian O'Neill and of course YOU GUYS: Space Fans who have been with us from the very beginning.

Hubble Vision 2 Planetarium Show:

Here's a link to Carolyn's book on Amazon:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Deep Astronomy. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
100K YouTube Subscriber Celebration!
Tue, July 8, 8:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Scott Lewis

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Here's the live-stream of the triumphant return of The +Virtual Star Party!

Primary event location is here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Scott Lewis. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Virtual Star Party | 6 July 2014
Sun, July 6, 10:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Shooting at The Space

Been quite a long, but very productive day! Earlier we had our #HubbleHangout  to share how amateur astronomers are allowing the +Hubble Space Telescope to safely observe cataclysmic variables! Check out the recording here: Hubble, White Dwarfs, Cataclysmic Variables and Amateur Astronomers

Then I headed over to +YouTube Space to shoot video with +Derek Muller for his awesome YouTube channel, +Veritasium. We got a lot of shooting done, then headed out to mix and mingle and grab some grub. 

Haha his burger was absolutely epic and my Mac n Cheese with Diablo Sauce was quite delicious!

Now it's time for me to relax this evening and then get back to photo & video editing in the morning! Hope you're all having a great Thursday, plussers!!

#Outreach   #EDU   #YouTube   #Hubble  
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I am having a great 1 hour and 37 minutes into Friday! ;-)
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Scott Lewis

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Hubble Hangout is live!!

Join +Tony Darnell +Carol Christian and myself as we talk about white dwarf observations of +Hubble Space Telescope and the assistance of amateur astronomers in getting the science done!!

#ScienceEveryday   #Space   #Astronomy   #STEM   #HubbleHangout  
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This is one of my pet thinks, and I missed live :-(
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Scott Lewis

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Spent some time at the library for a change of scenery to get work done.

Took some shots with my t3i, but also grabbed some with my phone. The buildings really shine when the sun is setting. :-) 
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Making Hubble images pop

While preparing for tomorrow's Hangout On Air with +Hubble Space Telescope, I've been going through our gallery over at

With source material like Hubble, and the team that processes the images like +Zolt Levay, it's near impossible not to come up with a beautiful image of your own.

Here I wanted to play with some filters and blurs to change the apparent "depth of field" of these beautiful objects. 

Here we have the Sombrero Galaxy, Jet in Carina, and the galaxy NGC 4911.

I'll be making more of these in weeks to come, but thought I'd give you a taste! Enjoy the #spaceporn

#Photoshop   #Hubble   #Space  
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So awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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Video about cheese? YES WHEY!

Just in queso you missed it, +Joe Hanson has released the newest episode of +It's Okay To Be Smart and it's pretty cheese-tastic.

#ScienceEveryday   #Cheese   #YouTube   #EDU   #Science  
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First we had Cheese , then Bacon . Add them together and create your own Big Bang Theory .
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Have him in circles
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