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Gorgeous collisions reveal more about Dark Matter

The newest press release from the +Hubble Space Telescope also coincides with today's #HubbleHangout  that starts in 30 minutes! 

+Tony Darnell Dr. +Carol Christian and I will be hosting with guests Dr. +David Harvey, Dr. +Richard Massey and special guest Dr. +Katie Mack!! 

#Hubble25   #Space   #Astronomy   #Cosmology   #Astrophysics   #DarkMatter  
What happens when clusters collide?

This collage shows images of six different galaxy clusters taken with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. The clusters were observed in a study of how dark matter in clusters of galaxies behaves when the clusters collide. Seventy-two large cluster collisions were studied in total.

Using visible-light images from Hubble, the team was able to map the post-collision distribution of stars and also of the dark matter (colored in blue), which was traced through its gravitational lensing effects on background light. Chandra was used to see the X-ray emission from impacted gas (pink).

The team determined that dark matter interacts with itself and everything else even less than previously thought.

This is also the topic of this week's #HubbleHangout  where +Tony Darnell and +Scott Lewis will be discussing these new discoveries with Dr. David Harvey and Dr. Richard Massey with special guest Dr.+Katie Mack 

RSVP to the event here:
Direct on YouTube here:

#Space   #Astronomy   #DarkMatter   #Cosmology   #Science   #Hubble25  
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Nel Pa
+Scott Lewis, Will see The Hangout on YouTube!
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Scott Lewis

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This is why +Scott Maxwell and I are wondertwins

He just gets me. Haha. Sometimes I just need a subtle sign to let people know that I'm open for conversation or, more importantly, not open for it. Between being an introvert and EXTREMELY busy while sometimes working in public places, this wristband will TOTALLY come in handy. 

Thanks Scott! 
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Or " Look up and seek the Stars "
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Scott Lewis

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Paths to destinations are entrances to beginnings

A path is but a path
And the destination is but a point
Resting within four dimensions
We can begin from many places,
Though time flows on
Or hesitations can cause the path
To lead to a multitude of destinations.

None of these are dead ends.
There are no dead ends.
Only a new port of entry, a new gate
With a new path to lead us somewhere.
Let us not judge the appearance of the path
Or the surrounding foliage, for it can deceive.

Our journey is what brings about our knowledge
The steps on our paths open up new perspectives
Ones that we may never have seen
Unless we take that first step forward into the unknown.
So take a look around you and see not darkness,
But the possibilities of illumination.

Standing still will only move us forward one way
And that is through time, which is finite for us.
Let us not squander our time here.
Seek out new paths
Create adventures through the mundane
Turn terror into courageous voyages
Then come back and share where you've been.

We are all eager to hear what you have seen.
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+Scott LewisА слабо вам озвучить своё стихотворение на фоне хорошей картинки со средней скоростью произношения (чтобы получилась звуковая картинка)? Инструкции: не забудьте:1) название стихотворения; 2) автор: Имя Фамилия ( если желаете, то Отчество (у нас Отчество по имени папы)); 3) далее красиво читается сам текст стихотворения (чеканя каждую строку). Всё. Легко и просто. Такие звуковые картинки интересны тем, что их можно кому-нибудь подарить. Так о вас узнают больше людей и ваша жизнь станет чуточку приятнее.
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Scott Lewis

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Hubble Mania: Round Two

As part of the celebration of the +Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary coming up this April, we're having ‪#‎HubbleMania‬ over at our beautiful new site We're in the second tier of voting, and though I'm saddened that the Ultra Deep Field didn't make it past the first round, you can still help vote in your personal favorite Hubble images over the years!

This round ends in two days, so make sure to not only do this round of voting, but come back soon!! And while you're there, peruse the other amazing content we have up there, including local events that herald a quarter of a century of this fantastic space observatory!
Which Hubble image is the greatest? Hubble Mania pits 32 of the telescope’s best images in a series of head-to-head competitions until a champion is crowned on April 6th.
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The telescopes now 25 years old.
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Oh, y'know... Just Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince, Sean Carroll, Joe Rogan, David X Cohen and ERIC IDLE.... With spectacular friends. No big deal. 
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Scott Lewis

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We're live!! Join the #HubbleHangout!
Astronomers using observations from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and +NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory  have found that dark matter interacts with itself even less than previously thought by researchers. This finding narrows down the options for what this mysterious substance might be.

By finding that dark matter interacts with itself even less than previously thought, the team has successfully narrowed down the properties of dark matter. Particle physics theorists have to keep looking, but they now have a smaller set of unknowns to work with when building their models.

Please join +Tony Darnell Dr.+Carol Christian  and +Scott Lewis  as they discuss these amazing observations with the team that made them along with special guest Dr.+Katie Mack 

Ode to Hubble Contest Voting is still going on, cast your vote here!

Quarterfinals for #HubbleMania also going on:

NASA's One Year Crew:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Hubble Space Telescope. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Astronomers Find Dark Matter Even Darker than Previously Thought
Today, March 26, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Art and Science combine for awesomesauce

My friend +Amy Roth, the brilliant founder and creator of +Surly-Ramics is calling upon YOU to help generate even more beautiful and accurate Science Art. 

I've loved, purchased and even commissioned custom pieces of hers over the years and she is definitely someone worth supporting. 

On top of her art, she's involved in MadArtCast, an awesome podcast show that talks about the ways that the arts and science converge and why that's a FANTASTIC THING!

So please, head on over to her +Patreon below and consider becoming a patron. While you're at it, head on over to her +Etsy store to see if there's anything that piques your interest! (I'm almost positive that something will!)

#SciArt   #Patron   #Patreon   #ScienceEveryday   #Arts  
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!
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Absolutely, +Amy Roth. I think your work is brilliantly fantastic and should be supported in any way possible. :) 
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How to access all +Hubble Space Telescope images!

Did you know that you have free access to all of the data that Hubble has observed over the course of ~25 years? Come find out in today's #HubbleHangout !

We start at Noon Pacific, 3PM Eastern, 7pm UTC where +Tony Darnell, +Carol Christian and I will be hosting scientists from the Space Telescope Science Institute who are involved in bringing this enormous amount of data to the public!

We're over on YouTube:

#Space   #Astronomy   #Hubble   #OpenScience   #OpenData   #Hubble25  
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Pasadena Photowalk

So I've finally been able to get some time to go for a #photowalk  since I've moved to Pasadena. I had a full day of meetings and paperwork and emails... but finished them all before the golden hour and decided to treat myself to a stroll with my t3i and 50mm lens. 

Here are a few that I took with some minor developing in Lightroom. Pretty happy with how they came out and looking forward to roaming about other parts of town in the future!

#Photography   #Exploration   #GoldenHour   #Pasadena   #California  
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Nice set of pictures, Scott. Thanks for sharing them. 
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Scott Lewis

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Android Messenger supporting animated gifs

Haven't even finished my first cup of coffee and received this fabulous news from +Google Play​... Messenger to support animated gifs! This makes me one super happy #Android user!

Have a happy Friday everyone!
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My happy #Android   thing this week: Google Now has started alerting me when it's almost time for me to leave my office and walk across the street for class. It has done this all along for things that I have to drive to (my orchestra rehearsal say), with traffic information and so on, but until this week it hasn't ever done this for anything that's in walking distance. Of course I've got Calendar reminders set, but this is coming from Google Now "Leave by 2:57 to arrive on time." It even offers to navigate. (I'm curious whether it thinks I should drive or walk to class, so I may have to try it sometime.)
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