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As I walked throughout Arlington National Cemetery, I was constantly on the lookout for photo ops. Low and behold, I spotted an Oriole Robin perched atop one of the tombstones. I quickly changed lenses from 24-70 to my 70-200 and captured this image.

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Beautifully shot. Very poignant.
lol, i was doing google searches for orioles and robins to compare, and this photo comes up on the robin search.
But it's an orange bird and I was very close to Baltimore. :)
I love Orioles and Robins, this is definitely a Robin, they get me up at 4am every morning. ;)
But who cares about the bird, the photo is killer!
great composition, subject and DOF. thanks for sharing! love this shot!
Excellent capture, and excellent DOF! I had a similar experience in Arlington last fall with a squirrel on one of the markers.
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