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Big news —- Adobe has announced that they are adding Lightroom 4 to the Creative Cloud membership! (Sweet news for photographers!). You can read all the details on Adobe's site: 
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Too bad they don't offer an introductory offer for current LR4 owners.
Nice, I waited for this :). Finally I can upgrade my LR 3.5 installation.
+Matt Mikulla Agree. I had already purchased LR4 and the 'cloud' wasn't attractive enough so I went ahead and purchased the upgrade to Photoshop to get to CS6. Had LR4 been available, I might have been tempted to go the cloud route, but now I have too much invested in upgrades so it's just not worth the additional money.
I wonder how Adobe is doing with the Cloud memberships? The pricing seems a bit high for most.
I would love to buy a membership, but they have limited the posibility to certain countries. 
@Mike...I agree...a bit much might even be an understatement.
I'm kind of annoyed because I bought the Creative cloud membership and bought LR4 shortly thereafter. I knew that they'd be adding LR4 to the subscription but was afraid they'd do it later in the year. I bought CC  May 12, LR4 May 20, and now it's just over a month since. Hard not to feel like I either threw $150 away or got ripped off a little.
I bought LR 4.1 and I have a subscription. I wonder if I get my money back on the LR 4.1 and the double charge the charged me this month for the cloud subscription. I paid them on the 13. hey took the payment then charge me again on the 15 and have been saying "sorry we will pay you back today" every day since but never have. I wonder if they will refund the LR 4.1 now. I doubt it
Apparently there's a 30 day refund window I'm just outside of.
Well that's going to be a big blow for Aperture. If you are already paying for photoshop, you now essentially get lightroom for free.
How long will Adobe stick with the $50/month pricing? Has there been talk of increasing this fee? (ihopenote, ihopenot...)
I don't know about it being that big a blow to Aperture. I don't know that it makes sense for photographers to go with the subscription seeing is a 1 year subscription is the same price as an outright photoshop buy. Even photographers working peripherally on video won't benefit a whole lot - there are capable editing apps cheaper than premiere or doing this with a subscription. It makes sense for people who work heavily in video production or web design I think, areas where you need a suite of applications. I don't know that that's eating into Aperture's bread and butter
+Chris Durham You are right. I just looked at it a little closer and I think the cloud only makes sense for those who use multiple Adobe products. If all you need is photoshop and Lightroom, in the long run you are better off with the traditional upgrade path.
Hi Scott,
I use Lightroom, PS, and Dreamweaver . . . so the Cloud might be cost effective, IF the $50 price holds for the next couple years . . . can you find an expert to shed light on this for those of us who are on the fence?

Thanks - and keep up the great work you and your team do !!

+Steve Curcuru I'm not sure it makes sense even at the $50 price point for you. You're talking about $1150 of software. If you look at things over 3 years (which I typically do with any computer product - hardware or software), you're looking at spending $1800. Consider the 18-month upgrade path we've seen from adobe and that upgrades cost in the (very broad) neighborhood of 25-40% of the full product and you would spend probably $1500 to keep yourself up to date for 3 years if you bought outright. Another way of looking at it is that, spread out over 3 years, you'd pay a little over $8 a month extra for the subscription model.

On the other hand, that may be worth it to you to have access to a slew of other applications you didn't have previously.
Whatever the update of adobe and very valid.
Once scenario might be if you rent a newer camera and you do not have the latest CS/LR, you could just rent it instead of paying for the upgrade or full verison. I am using such a new camera right now and CS5 is not supporting RAW for it and never will. In my case I will probably upgrade but renting the software may be an option for some
I'm puzzled ? I understood that Adobe Camera Raw would receive updates to allow opening Raw files of new cameras that come out, whether we are using Photoshop CS4 ,CS5 or CS6 ?  
Can someone please enlighten me on this fact ?
 It shouldn't make sense that every time a new DSLR is released our Adobe Camera Raw becomes obsolete ?
Alberto, Updates only come until the new version of CS is released. Any camera released after CS6/LR4 is not supported by CS5/LR3
I am talking RAW conversion. You can use the free DNG converter but not all ACR functionality is available
all this and to gain a little more money is always something missing for completeness.
Adobe turned out to be very cool about my situation. I was I think 7 days outside of the refund window and they went ahead and let me return it anyway, I'm guessing maybe because I was a Creative Cloud subscriber before buying LR4, but anyway great resolution.
Thank you Damien for enlightening me on Adobe Camera Raw's limitations. Yes a cheap but painful workaround when we have a lot of photos to process.
For those that have LR4 and Creative Cloud (like me), can we transfer our license for LR4 to someone else?
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